Best Armor For Call of Pripyat

When deciding on which armor to buy, there are many things to keep in mind. The most versatile piece of armor is the exoskeleton, which is the most reliable piece of equipment in the game. This type of armor does not break down into helmets and body armor, but is a uniformized sample of severe armor. However, this costume is not a very common choice. You need to purchase calibration tools in the Pripyat levels in order to use this armor. Also, this type of costume is extremely heavy and you will roll fast when wearing it.

In addition to the best armor for Pripyat, you also need to consider the gameplay in this game. If you’re going to be battling heavy mutants, then you should look into getting explosives and anti-tissue ammo. You should also invest in a good helmet, protective outfit, and drugs in order to survive in these environments. Additionally, hunting high-level NPCs will be impossible without the right equipment, especially if you don’t have a high-tier rifle and AP ammo.

For those looking for a more versatile rifle, you should get the Vintar rifle. This type of rifle features increased damage and accuracy, and is ideal for destroying snipers in quests. It is also useful in quests, such as “monolith” missions. The Vintar rifle’s gunsight is adjustable to a zero range, which is ideal for using it to eliminate the monolith preacher on the roof of an altitude. The vintar rifle costs 20,000 from a smart supplier in Skadovsk.

Despite its age, the Call of Pripyat visuals were not the best at the time. The game had several years to mature, and its graphics were definitely showing their age. However, the Call of Pripyat Remake mod attempts to improve these visuals with Ultra HD textures, a weather system, and improved structures. The game still remains unique, and modding has played a huge role in the game’s long life.

In addition to armor, you can also find various weapons in the game. A few of these are Western, and others are unique to Call Pripyat. The Ghost suit costs 24,000 rubles, and can be purchased from a Freedom trader. This armor is the most affordable of the three, but does not provide the best protection against chemical and ordinary burns. You can also purchase Bulletin vests for a large amount of money, which can be used as the primary weapon.

For instance, a gangster jacket in the Zone is the traditional equipment of a gangster. It can cost up to 3000 rubles, but offers no radiation protection. However, it does provide 15 resistance to flushing and breaking, and 10 resistance to rest. A gangster jacket can be bought at the Cordon in Cains and is sold by Sidorovich. The latter is the most popular.