Call of Pripyat

If you are thinking of playing Call of Pripyat, you should have the best armor. This game is challenging, and you will need to upgrade your equipment often. The best weapons and armor are the ones that make you faster. Your starting weapon is pretty average, but you can repair and modify them later. Besides that, you should have the right gear to avoid dying in combat. If you are still searching for the best weapons and armor, try securing the Nimble set, including the CHN-3a, the Tactical Helmet, and the Sacred Ring.
The SSP suit is the best armor in the Call of Pripyat Remake mod. This armor is designed to protect you from explosions and is more durable than a separate SSP helmet. It can also be used for melee attacks, as it has better resistance to bleeding and rupture. You can find several different types of this armor in the market, so you should look for one perfect for you.
Regardless of the type of weapon you want to use, it’s essential to get good armor protecting you. An SSP helmet with a built-in helmet is the best choice during the art hunt. It’s a bit pricier than a separate SSP helmet, but it’s worth it for its versatility. You’ll be safer from melee attacks with this type of weapon.
A good starting armor in Call of Pripyat is a leather jacket. This will do fine in the Cordon and Garbage districts, but you’ll want something better. You can get better artifacts that will increase your life meter. You should always avoid radioactive zones and anomalies and avoid getting into fights without good armor. This way, you’ll be sure to survive as long as you’re prepared.
The best armor in Call of Pripyat depends on your play style. For example, the seva suit will help you get an underground passage to Pripyat, and the Zaton SSP 99 helmet will make it easier to defend yourself against a pack of dogs. You can also equip an exo-suit with two flames to save yourself from attacks in the open against a group of dogs. The freedom suit has three eyes and is best for recon. This is the best armor for an assaulter.
The seva is required to go underground. It is an essential part of the underground passage to Pripyat. You can also use the Zaton SSP 99 to hunt artifacts. This is the best starting armor in the game. The seva is a very versatile suit and will allow you to do many things. However, it would help if you also were careful of radioactive zones and anomalies.
The SSP suit is the best armor in Call of Pripyat. It has three eyes and six bars of fire resistance. The SSP helmet has a high degree of protection, and the SSP helmet is the best choice for a sniper. The SSP suit is the best choice for an assaulter as it is excellent for artifact hunting and melee attacks.
If you want to get the best armor in Call of Pripyat, you should consider buying the SEVA suit. This armor is available at the X16 laboratory and Professor Sakharov. It has similar protection to the Ecologist suit, but it also has a bulletproof vest. It is unnecessary to avoid fights to wear this armor, and a leather jacket will do the trick at the beginning of the game.
The SSP suit is the best armor for melee attacks. Its integrated helmet and shock-absorbing suit are better than the separate impact and containment suit. Both are made of soft materials, and the SSP suit has the best protection from damage. The SSP suit is the best armor for melee attacks if you are an assaulter. Its SSP helmet is one of the most popular choices in Call of Pripyat.