10 Basic Rules of Dirty Talking

Quick and Easy 10 Steps that will get you started talking dirty today:

  1. Pick a role. Simple role. The most cliché one is Teacher- Student, but it’s easiest one to get started. The second most overused one is Sugar Daddy and Little Girl, and the third one is Naughty Girl and Bad Boy. Do not tell her anything, just pick one. My favorite is Teacher Student, because, it’s EASIEST one to do.
  2. Start slow. Drop some hints at dirty talking like “I am going to give you homework tonight, you better be a good girl and do it” or “Your Sugar Daddy is going to spoil his little girl tonight “ and “You’re such a naughty girl sometimes, you need spanking by a boy”. First, she will play along, almost ALL girls like roleplay fantasy. She’s probably, right now, thinking “oh this is going to be fun”. Go ahead, text your girl one of those lines, right now. See what she says back.
  3. Add some spice. If you’re having a phone text conversation, or late evening conversation, keep at it, especially, if she’s playing along: “Did you finish your assignment like a good little student? Or do I need to punish you a little?” or “Are you going to dress up for your daddy, to impress him tonight, something sexy like he likes, or does he need to tell you what to wear for him?” and “I think you’ve been REALLY bad tonight and you deserve some spanking.”. IF she favorably replied to you in step 2, this is breeze. If you’re in same room, say “why don’t you come here. Good girl”
  4. Re-enforce positive aspects. Do tell her she’s a good girl. Tell her you like how she’s obedient. Tell her it turns you on when she listens to you. Do not ask her “YES/NO” questions when you intend to do something But say“I bet you’ve been so bad, you need spanking, don’t you?”
  5. Intonation is important! Do not laugh at yourself or her. You have to keep it on playful and serious note. If she’s hesitant to follow or shy to answer back, comment on how cute it is that she’s shy, tell her it’s sexy, but do not break the character. When you say things, say them as if you’re pretending or playing a game. You say it with same intonation as if you were flirting but you make it sound slower and deeper. Do not try hard to sound sexy. In fact, imagine yourself in “pretend land” and you are the actor for role you assumed in Step 1
  6. Add more flair to the talk. If you’re together, touch her. Do not do this when other people are around, especially your buddies. This is for YOU AND HER. So add some flair, nobody is watching (yet ). Touch her, but not on her tits. If she’s bad student, slap her ass, if she’s really bad student bend her over your knee. If she’s Sugar Baby, make her sit on your lap and trace her body with your fingers. Talk to her AS IF YOU WERE whoever you pretend to be. She will follow your lead. If she’s bad girl, spank her harder.
  7. Do NOT rush. Roleplay is all about play, not rushing to the “end result”, which is cumming. You want to spend three times longer on pretext than you do on sex.
  8. Speak to her emotions instead of her logic. Do not explain her what you’re doing. Bad: “I am going to be a teacher and you’re going to be a naughty student” DO NOT do that. Assume! Assume you’re a teacher. Do not start abruptly, but gently lead her into the role, by saying “You’re such a bad girl, if I was your teacher I would give you an F…unless of course, we can work something out….;)”
  9. Stay in Character until you get to the sex. Do not rush, like I said, but maintain pace. You want to be sexual but not having sex. You should be talking dirty to her in subtext you assumed in step 1, but you should be getting closer to sex. If she goes down to give you a blow job, she’s doing it to “get an A on her project” or “that’s what daddy wants her sugar baby to do to please him” and if she’s a bad girl, “she needs to prove what a bad girl she is to a bad boy”.
  10. Compliment!!! Tell her, especially after you have fucked, how awesome it was. Tell her how much you liked talking dirty to her. She enjoyed it as much if not more than you did. Tell her you want to do it again, THIS ALONG WILL OPEN UP A FLOOD GATE OF IDEAS!

Source by Michael Deloue

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