10 Steps To Get UR Ex Back

10 Steps To Get UR Ex Back

Every girl/boy wants a guy/girl who can understand and connect with her/him. There are sound rules for pursuing a girl/boy after a break up. This video will try to explain them and show how to deal with your ex. Get UR Ex Back by using these 10 simple and commonsense rules.

1.) Don’t be afraid to call her/him.
2.) Send her/him an email from time to time.
3.) Don’t date other girls/boys.
4.) Don’t forget her/his birthday.
5.) Analyze her/him.
6.) Don’t be jealous.
7.) Be on the lookout as to how she/he acts with other guys/girls.
8.) Don’t play games. When you’re broken up with someone you love, it’s easy to start the “mind games.”
9.) Power is important.
10.) Be desirable.

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