11.11.11 – Bart&Joms/ Kuku&Jomar/ Katherine Anne and Jose Mari =)

11.11.11 – Bart&Joms/ Kuku&Jomar/ Katherine Anne and Jose Mari =)

11.11.11 – Bart&Joms/ Kuku&Jomar/ Katherine Anne and Jose Mari =)

We all knew her as “Bart” in grad school and the first time I met her in 2005, I almost mistook her for being a tomboy because of her love for soccer/futbol, and her no-frills, no nonsense vibe (she never wore make-up [not that she needed to — she was very pretty au naturel and had luminous skin that glowed on her perfect cheekbones already], had no “kikay” tendencies whatsoever and always went to class dressed down in jeans, sneakers and sports shirts (while all the other girls came to class in heels and blouses 😉 . I also remember the way she spoke impeccable English, and sometimes even German, in a very distinct, smart and sophisticated manner. She never spoke taglish and was never “jologs” or “jeje” (unlike me) =)) Bart was super cool and so it pleasantly surprised me when I found out that she was actually someone’s girl =) (that, plus she actually had culinary skills to show off too– she could whip up the meanest, creamiest crepes in the world!!!D)

Joms would always be there waiting for her after class and the couple would always show up together in our after-class dinners and Tagaytay get-togethers hand in hand. I didnt know their lovestory then, but now I know… they’ve been sweethearts since college (they were Archi students in UST), and it took them 9 years before they finally, officially tied the knot =)

Bart and Joms got married last Friday on the most auspicious date of the year 11-11-11, at the Peninsula de Punta Fuego, the bride’s most favorite place, located in the picturesque coast of Nasugbu, Batangas =) The girl named Bart transformed into a beautiful radiant bride (and now I shall call her Katherine Anne!) =) on the other hand, Joms, you totally rocked it out in that sharp suit of yours! Such a handsome groom for a gorgeous bride! =))

To you both, thank you so much for the friendship and for trusting me, Arnel, Alex and Jed to capture your wedding day with our cameras! I hope you (and your children, and your children’s children) will cherish the photos we took for many years to come!

(And I do look forward to being invited again to your 10th, 25th, 50th, (75th?!) wedding anniversaries too! =))

Lots of love to you both and may God bless you always with good health and happiness! =))


Katherine Anne and Jose Mari’s Wedding
Peninsula de Punta Fuega – November 11, 2011

Photography by Michelle Morelos
with Alex Ruelo, Jed Calara and Arnel Diego

Song: Telling the World by Taio Cruz

Coordination by the Bride’s tita Judith =)
Make Up: Daya Sanvictores
Gown: Michael Miguel

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