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What will your life look like in 50 years?

In 1888, the old age pension was set in Germany at 70. Which wasn’t very generous seen as though the life expectancy was only 48! These days there are over 100 million people aged 80+, a number that will quadruple to 400million by 2050! Which means we are entering the golden age of retirement.

But fast forward, you have quit that day job, friday lunch with the girls is a weekly highlight and beforehand you have a date with your hairdresser! You take the same bus as always but this time the streets aren’t to familiar. Suddenly you feel frightened, someone asks if you are lost and to your alarm you realise, you are! Hopefully this won’t be you, but it could be!

1 in 3 seniors will die with Dementia. Damage to the brain that can turn your golden years into a confusing and difficult experience. Your brain is not only a home to the potential problem but also the solution. In Vienna, scientists are dissecting 100’s of brains to uncover why some people get Alzheimer’s and some people don’t. Meanwhile in London, Hector the robot is being developed as a help mate for the future. The knowledge that scientists are gathering to help keep your brain young as your body gets old, giving you a much better chance of a golden retirement.

To find out more, go to: www.hellobrain.eu

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