16 Random Things About Me!

16 Random Things About Me!

16 Random Things About Me!

I’ve been tagged!!! I have to write 16 random things about myself!!!

1. Jesus is my Savior and I delight in His word! Psalm 139 is my fav!

2. I grew up in the country on a farm/vineyard and will always be a "country girl"

3. I have been very happily married for 28 years now, my husband and I mentor couples wishing to be married! (I love my family, but I think ya’ll know all that!) =)

4. I have a very strong southern accent and say words like ya’ll & yonder and phrases like "That dog’ll hunt!" (Which means that’ll work!)

5. I keep my grandchildren ages 3 & 4 years and they call me "Clue"! haha See my profile!

6. I’m addicted to flickr and spend several hours a day looking at your photo’s and commenting on them…..and I feel bad if for some reason I can’t get to them daily!

7. I love music!!! I used to dream of being a "country music star" even though I can’t really sing!

8. I used to have an interior decorating business, I still love to decorate and my specialty is color!

9. I’m an introvert in groups but love people one on one.

10. I am tenderhearted, I laugh easily, I cry easily…beauty makes me cry!

11. I love shooting at f2.8, selective focus and night shots! Not at the same time of course!

12. I just got my first photoshop product, cs4, have taken a class on it and still have no idea how to use anything except for bridge! lol

13. Strong, great quality coffee is my beverage of choice!

14. I snore…..LOUD….so they say! hehe

15. I’m like a kid at Christmas!

16. I love easily and put a high value on friendships…..in person and online! And I LOVE my flickr friends!!!!!!!

17. I’m longwinded and can manage to put several facts in one!
Oh….was it just suppose to be 16?!!!!! lol lol lol

This Photo is 4 years old….I just doctored it for the holidays! A few years older, a few lbs heavier…….I’d rather stay behind the camera now! lol

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