3 Attractive Traits That Will Make Yourself Irresistible to Girls

What guy doesn’t want to be seen as attractive in the eyes of girls? In order to make yourself irresistible to girls, though, you need to have the traits that they like in guys to begin with. Having these traits will definitely be huge advantage to you if you want to ultimately make yourself irresistible to girls. Since guys and girls behave and think differently, you will need to put yourself in a girl’s shoes for now. Here are the traits that you will need to incorporate if you want to make yourself irresistible to girls.


Accepting and being happy with the kind of guy that you are and what you have will make you very attractive in the eyes of girls. Conversely, trying to be somebody that you aren’t will only turn them off. So, once you decide to truly be yourself and fully embrace who you are, you won’t just be more comfortable in your own skin, but you will genuinely be happy with yourself, too. This true happiness and contentment is one of the traits that will attract girls with ease. So, just be the best that you can be and you will automatically create an irresistible vibe to girls all around you.

Good Looks

Let’s face it: girls love guys who look good and know how to carry themselves. Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean having celebrity good looks, though. Just have the right attitude about you and show girls that you care about how you look at the very least. Every guy can look good. You just have to groom yourself right and have the right attitude about it. Treat your hair and skin well, too. Also, eat well and exercise on a regular basis to make your body look better.


Another thing that girls love are self-sufficient and independent guys. Generally speaking, girls hate it when guys depend on them too much as time goes by. Instead, they admire guys who can hold their own ground and just be themselves. Guys who have a certain drive and can accomplish things themselves are very attractive and sexy to girls. Now, being independent doesn’t mean that you should ignore girls and avoid commitment, though. It would be vital to have that proper balance between being independent and appreciating girls at the same time.

As you can see, you can easily learn how to make yourself irresistible to girls. Good luck!

Source by Desmond Lee

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