3 Good Questions To Ask A Girl Online

When you are trying online dating it is important to interact well, so I am going to give you 3 good questions to ask a girl online. After all, your profile page with photos and small talk about yourself is a small part of online dating.

The most important part is to try and create attraction online. This is not merely a physical thing as women are lean by their emotions. Therefore to have an impact on a girl’s emotions you have to know what questions to ask a girl online.

Questions To Ask A Girl Online

Another important factor you must consider with online dating is choosing which girls to meet. Do not just chase after all of them like a love sick puppy, this is very unattractive to women and will do no good. There are lots of girls online to choose from, so the best thing to do, is ask questions that will also tell you lot about a girl. But this should be done in a fun way, to create attraction and also gets you subtle clues about a girls real personality and not some fake online persona.

These questions to ask a girl online are fairly general and should be tailored to suit your own personality and situation, but I will give you advice, on how to change them.

Questions To Ask A Girl Online: Number 1

What do you like to do with your weekends?

This is a fairly self explanatory question, which you can alter. If a girl has talked about her weekends on her profile page, ask her something that interested you or a related activity. This is a very safe question that can be a fun way to find common ground, it is a great “break the ice” starter question to ask a girl online.

Questions To Ask A Girl Online: Number 2

What do you think the biggest mistakes men make with online dating?

This question should be done in a fun manner with a girl and should lead for some good banter between the two of you. It is a great way to separate yourself from other guys in a girls mind. It will make her think you have a different mindset to other men, which will create attraction.

Questions To Ask A Girl Online: Number 3

What is your real opinion about online dating?

Once again this should be asked in good fun and a light hearted nature. The idea being to ask questions that could lead to some fun and interesting conversations. While also working as a hidden serious question. You should pay close attention to her answers here as she will be giving insight to previous good and bad experiences. Plus giving clues to her likes and dislikes.

Good Questions To Ask A Girl Online Conclusion

As previously stated these questions are not set in stone and can be changed. In fact, they should be altered slightly to suit your personality and different situations. One of the worst things a man can do is learn a bunch of lines and questions not suited to their style and throw them at women.

You should learn the process of what actually creates attraction with women and avoid unattractive behaviour that turns women of. Learn how to do this and you will be turning more women away from you than you can keep count of.

Source by William Coulter

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