3 Proven Ways to Start a Texting Conversation With a Girl

Girls love texting and they do it much more often than guys. Text messaging is one of the greatest and most powerful tools for guys if they want to be successful with girls.

If you have been staring at your cell phone thinking of what text message to send that cutie you just met, here are 3 proven ways to start a texting conversation.

Remember, your texting must be short, fun and flirty. Women respond well to these light, cute flirty text messages.

Text Message Conversation #1

YOU: “Hey I saw a movie and it got me thinking about you.”

HER: “Yeah, what about?”

Most women, at least the fun ones, will be intrigued about your text message. She is going to feel excited that you were thinking about her. You can bet that she’s going to want to know what it was that reminded you of her.

YOU: “There was this adorable little puppy that whined just like you.”

She’s going to either get this flirty text message and flirt back or get offended. (If she gets offended, she may not be the playful, fun girl you want to be with). What you’ve just done is get an emotional reaction from her by making her feel excited and then teasing her. That’s all that matters and she is going to be a little more attracted to you after texting this.

Text Message Conversation #2

Let’s say you met a hot girl at a party over the weekend and you got her number. You teased her and busted on her about something she did or wore that night. You are going to use this information to start your texting conversation. You decide to text her the next day.

YOU: “Hey, thanks for that inventive rendition of (a Karaoke song she sang at the party, suggesting she did a bad job of singing it). What other talents should I be leery of?”

You flirt with her by teasing her and then give her a question to respond to.

HER: “Ha, ha. Well at least I gave it a shot. Can’t say the same for you.”

She’s laughing and that’s a good sign.

YOU: “I’m not saying you weren’t any good. I would just keep your day job.”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

HER: “Ha, ha. It’s fun. What hidden talents do you have?”

Now she’s asking you something. She is interested. You don’t have to answer her question right then. In fact, by not answering her question you get her more curious and interested in you.

YOU: “You’ll just have to wait and find out for yourself.”

This sets you up to indirectly ask her out and you’ve done it in a fun, playful, and flirty way. What girl could resist this texting interchange?

Text Message Conversation #3

YOU: “Hey, staying out of trouble today?”

HER: “Trouble is my middle name. Didn’t I tell you?”

This girl knows how to be playful. She could be a keeper.

YOU: “I thought I saw your face on America’s Most Wanted. Are you hard to handle?”

Keep playing and give her something flirty to respond to.

HER: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Oh, she’s good.

YOU: “Are you asking me out? You seem kinda forward.”

You are reversing the roles and making her seem like she’s pursuing you. This is very flirty and unexpected and it triggers her attraction.

HER: “Ha, ha. Brat.”

YOU: “Tell you what. There’s a coffee house I usually stop at on Wed after class about 4pm. You can join me there and I’ll print off your most wanted profile to see if it’s really you. I’ll call you later with the location.”

HER: “Ha, ha. Can’t wait.”

Amazing how simple and easy it can be to start a text message with a girl with the right communication style. You can quickly build the attraction factor so she’ll be eager to see you again. Start putting these 3 texting conversation starters into use today and see how quickly your response with girls will change. You’re weekends will be booked up before you know it!

Source by Kenny Jackson

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