3 Seduction Mind Tricks You Can Use to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

Rejection hurts a lot and nobody knows this more than guys who constantly get rejected by girls. If you are sick of feeling this way all the time and refuse to stay in the losing ends of horrible pickup sessions, here are several tricks you should try out.

Be aware that these techniques have the potential to mentally “mess up” a girl so please use them responsibly. Read on to discover the 3 killer tricks you can use to attract any woman you want – no matter if you are average looking or do not have stacks of cash in your pocket…

3 Seduction Mind Tricks You Can Use To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

Trick Number One: Become An Irresistible Challenge. Be impervious and unfazed to any cute threats a girl may pose. Let her know that you are not a money dispenser. As a matter of fact, if anybody should be buying drinks for the other, it should be her. Turn things around with your charm, witty lines and dazzling smiles before delivering gentle jibes. Ask her what makes her more special compared to all of the other girls to throw her off-guard.

Girls also happen to be very proud of how they look. As a matter of fact, they always think that they have the best body and clothes around. Make her feel self-conscious to take her off of her high horse and make her work much harder to impress you.

Trick Number Two: Become A Cocky Guy. Being cocky does not mean that you have to be arrogant. Cockiness can be combined with humor – a surefire combination that will work on any girl. Humor happens to be a major turn-on and girls happen to love jokes that are outrageous. Because of this, you should be bold and deliver those punch lines after perfecting them at home.

Remember that there is a difference between being cocky and being downright arrogant. You do NOT want to come across as an insufferable person! The key to come across as cocky and confident is to use humor to “take the edge off”.

(Advanced) Trick Number Three: Use Hypnotic Dialogues. Fractionation refers to a trick that was adopted from hypnosis and is now used in the world of seduction. It also happens to be a smart way to make girls attached to you in on an emotional level in only 15 minutes. It would definitely be worth your while to learn this to become a chick magnet in no time.

Fractionation is a step-by-step formula which anyone can use to create rapport and deep emotional connection with any woman. It has the potential “danger” of turning women into stalkers – so if you want to use this formula, you must really know what you’re getting yourself into!

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