3 Simple Seduction Techniques to Make a Woman Miss You – They Work Every Time

Are you looking for simple seduction techniques that will guarantee that any woman will miss you when you walk out that door? These three simple techniques work every time and without fail. Women are creatures of habit and inasmuch when they have something they feel is both advantageously and beneficial to them they tend to hang-on with both hands for dear life. If you are one of the lucky ones that has a woman in your life and you would like to step up that relationship to the next level then continue to read this review on just how to make that woman miss you like the desert misses the rain.

Little Things in Life

The first technique we will speak of in the form of seducing a woman and making her miss you to the point of near insanity has to do about the little things in life. Flowers and poetry, although sometimes cheesy and seen as frivolous acts of over passionate lovers, have their places in the world of seduction. A woman that receives a single-rose from a man along with a hand-written poetry compilation that is at least adequate and rhymes and pertains to the woman herself will earn points with that woman. That’s the main technique that must be addressed and earned throughout every encounter regardless if it was by chance or previously-planned set up with the beautiful woman. You need to make certain that from the very start she thinks about you more and more as the days wear on and a separation anxiety disorder, but not to the degree of having to take medication or see a therapist, starts to grow when you leave. In order to make a woman miss you so much that she can’t stop blowing up your phone or almost looks like a stalker in your life, you need to do the things that will make her long for you.


The second technique involves seeing to it that the woman will have some affection for you since affection and time apart from you will equate to her missing you when you’re gone. A man that does not think or feel that he has to do much for one to miss him and just by his sheer grace and presence should be missed has another thing coming. What you must do after you have cemented into place her emotional need for you is to create opportunities to be away from her. Although this may sound a bit impersonal and you may be saying to yourself, “why would I want to make time away from this woman while trying to seduce her to the point where she cannot live without me?” That definition and the answer will be presented below in the third technique for seducing a woman enough to the point that she cannot be without you for any time of the day and especially the night.

ATT Phone Bill

The third and final technique that will wrap up the seduction for the woman of your dreams and causes her to make your ATT phone bill hundreds of dollars will be presented right now. Yet before we go into the third and final technique and tips for seducing we need to do a quick review and that is just as fast as making certain that you have given her reasons to miss you and opportunities to miss you. And wrapping all this up and summarizing the final act to this trilogy of seducing 101 we need to respond to her actions both on the telephone or text-messages and even through notes on your car or front door. You need to not always answer her calls at first and definitely not rush to her every time she misses you. Good luck in the chase and if you follow the three techniques listed above and follow them correctly you will be with this woman and not just on a park bench or at the library if you know what I mean.

Source by G. Crandall

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