30 Things You Should Know When Dating an Australian Woman!

Below is list of secret and not so secret things that all men should know about women when it comes to dating! The kinds of things that will help you attract and be more attractive to women. This list is short and directly to the point.

1. Laughing is an aphrodisiac. Oz women love to laugh, so be funny.
2. Oz women always appreciate the unexpected. Never be predictable and surprise them often.
3. Don’t ask permission to say anything or do anything.
4. Never leave a message on a woman’s phone – call her until she answers, and once she does, only set up the date – save the conversation for the date.
5. The types of people that women are most attractive to are leaders, ambitious, inspiring and confident.
6. To women, shoes are very important, notice what kind of shoes they are wearing and show them that you have noticed.
7. A big mistake with woman is to ask “would you like… “too often, but allow her options. If you wish to do something with her at a certain time, let her choose whether she prefers Saturday or Sunday.
8. Make a habit whether it be at work, in class or at the gym, or any social setting to say “HI” all the time to every girl. It will be of great help to you.
9. Try to avoid buying women drinks. Its old and cliche.
10. Women love a great kisser as well as a good dancer. A sure fire easier way to their bed.
11. To get the girl you want, you must have the blessing of her best friend. Once the best friend likes you, you’re half way there. For the younger girls, it is the parents approval that should be your main objective.
12. Come to the realization that rejection is part of the process, but in the end what will you really have lost for trying?
13. Making your intentions clear from the very beginning is a must- being dangerous and mysterious right from the get go, means you will not fall into the ” just friends Zone “, while still maintaining an element of playfulness, so that even if you like her right away, you are not dead for her and are not someone who can be controlled.
14. Women need to be accompanied, don’t make them go alone.
15. Don’t try to understand women. They think differently to us so don’t try to analyze what they do.
16. Buy her flowers!!!
17. Women love to cuddle, without the sex sometimes. This also brings couples closer together.
18. When a woman truly likes you, she will never be too busy for you. But if you are going to take some of her precious time, make sure you have something exciting planned.
19. If you believe your woman is the exception to anything, I can safely tell you right now,she’s not.
20. All women love flowers and chocolate.
21. Don’t believe everything a woman says. Its a reality check to remind you if she has to lie to you, she will.
22. If your woman is not totally satisfied in bed, your in trouble even if you know she really loves you.
23. Women love an amazing smelling man. A good perfume is worth its weight in gold.
24. Women can smell a desperate man a mile off.
25. Woman love giving advice on anything. Doesn’t hurt to be a good listener.
26. You are the coolest guy ever, as far as your concerned. Believe in yourself and ooze confidence.
27. Do things that are really fun for YOU. That way it will be fun for her too.
28. Take the lead even if you are unsure where you are going. Make everything an adventure and put your heart and soul into it.
29. When touching a woman, do it right from the start with 100% belief. If you don’t it will be creepy later.
30. Don’t try to outsmart a woman

Source by Chris TS

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