4 Powerful Seductive Tips on How to Kiss a Girlfriend and Make Her "Perpetually" Stick to You

Kissing like every other form of art can be learned. Since kissing is like a fore-play to the real thing which could be sex. Experts could tell you where kissing leads to… either it stirs you and your girl in the path that you both want sex or it gets your girlfriend glaring at you for being a brat. You see there is a way to kiss a girlfriend that really turns her on and you can get to know about then below:

1) Lip Suction

I will tell you about a type of kissing that I prefer to call “lip suction”. This is the type where the woman kisses the guy upper lip and the guy in turn kisses the girl lower lip. Researchers have discovered that the woman’s lip is easily roused and has a lot of sensitive nerves in it which turns on woman real good. You can slightly chew her lower lip, nibble at the lines or suck her senseless.

2) The Tongue

Do not underestimate what the tongue can do. When you kiss a girlfriend, do not be stand-offish. She is your girl and intimacy is very much allowed. So engage her in a tongue kissing. However, you should be careful not to choke her while engaging the deep tongue kissing. Perhaps she is not too good in the tongue kissing, you can still do something sweet yourself if you know how well to go about it.

Tease her crazily with your tongue, use your tongue to discover her inner mouth warmth, go deeply but not too far.

Other Parts of Her Body

You can start coming down her body lower from her face. Do not just focus on the mouth and lips alone, she has got great parts of her body calling for your attention too. These parts are:

3) Her Neck

For some women, their most sensitive part is their neck. A little rubbing and they are down on their back for you. Gently stroll around her neck with your tongues of lips, follow up with your kiss then you can travel down to the outer part of her throat and give it a good kiss.

4) Her Breasts

The breast of a woman is another great sensitive part of her body. Kissing a girlfriend way down to her breast is a lot of unforgettable experience for her. You can make this sweet for her by circling her breasts with little kisses from you are your lips and tongue until her breasts are outlined and her nipples become hard. Then you can proceed to kiss and even suck her nipples. This turns most women on and you can complement this with tiny bites and she will go totally crazy. Now travel way down to her from her breasts to her navel with soft kisses and she is going to beg you not to stop.

Next time you and your girlfriend want to have a swell time, try the techniques explained in this article and see if it is not worth it. With these techniques you cannot get it wrong with kissing a girlfriend.

Source by Sean T Walker

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