5 Fun and Inexpensive Holiday Events and Activities

5 Fun and Inexpensive Holiday Events and Activities

5 Fun and Inexpensive Holiday Events and Activities

This Christmas many parents will be looking for fun activities to do with their families to celebrate Christmas. The problem is that many families may not be able to afford going to ticketed events like they did in previous years; however, there are many great holiday activities and events that you can do this Christmas that require little or no money. They are fun and will make the holidays more memorable for you and your family. Here are some great suggestions.

Go to a local Christmas parade. Many towns and cities hold an annual Christmas parade that is open to the public. You get to see local marching bands and other civic groups entertaining the crowd as well as creative floats. There is no cost other than driving to the parade route to see it. Make sure that you are prepared to get the most out of it. It is a good idea everyone is dressed warmly especially if the weather happens to be very cold. Also bring snacks from home in case everyone gets hungry.

Go to Holiday events at your local library and community center. People often forget that libraries are not just places to get books. They are also cultural centers that hold special events from time to time. Try to get a calendar from your local library to see what Holiday events and activities they have planned. Community centers also do some great events. If you want to know events they have planned you can ask at the center or look in the community news section of your local newspaper.

Go to a Tree Lighting Ceremony. These are always special events to witness. If you live near a major city or town that has one, they are definitely an event worth seeing. The tree lighting ceremony is an event when a city or town turns on the lights on their main Christmas tree. Some of the trees can be quite magnificent when lit. They also have performances by musical guests. This is a great free event to go to.

At home you can have a holiday movie marathon. Check out your family’s favorite holiday films from the local library. You can also rent movies from dollar rental places such Red Box. Make it like a full movie event by make snacks like popcorn, buying movie candy, and other items. In the end for the same price as going to one movie at the theater you can have a daylong movie marathon enjoying all the Holiday movies your family can watch.

You can also try to have Holiday game night. Many board games take time and that is the one think that most families don’t seem to have enough of. Parents are most likely working or busy maintain the house. Kids have school and extracurricular activities. The holidays is the only times when everyone has some down time. Take advantage of it and play some family favorites.

Something else that you can do is giving your kids a personalized letter from Santa. This is a great idea because you can help your younger kids believe in Santa if they actually get a response to their North Pole letters. You can find services online to order them and get them personalized for a very reasonable price.

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