5 Hot and Naughty Neck Kissing Tips – Tease and Seduce Through These Sexy Techniques

5 Hot and Naughty Neck Kissing Tips – Tease and Seduce Through These Sexy Techniques

5 Hot and Naughty Neck Kissing Tips – Tease and Seduce Through These Sexy Techniques

Nothing beats getting a little naughty and rowdy with a girl. Knowing how to make out with a girl is one amazing trait (and definitely to die for) for every male specie of the planet. Now, there’s one little secret you should know when it comes to women’s erogenous zones — the neck is one of the very few spots that can send electric shots up her spine and get her totally turned on. To make it one sizzling night ever, here are the top five hot and naughty neck kissing techniques guaranteed to make her one happy girl later:

  • The quick peck. This is one teasing way to make her totally yearning for more — the quick peck is guaranteed to make her get a little playful with you as well. What’s more is that a quick peck is absolutely harmless — but a good start to make the intimacy far more intense and exhilarating. This quickie technique will make one bomb of an impression to any girl!
  • The playful bite. Make sure you’ve reached a certain area of comfort before attempting this neck kissing tip — also, this works best with quite aggressive women. This can be a pretty cute gesture as well — it shows that you find her totally irresistible that she deserves a bite — or two! Enjoy the session!
  • The trailer. This would probably be best done during your foreplay sessions — right after giving her a mind-blowing kiss, romance her neck by trailing sweet little kisses down to chest, to her belly and up to her neck again — this is a surefire way to make her moan and groan your name all night long.
  • The hot kisses. This is a little bit similar with the trailer, only this time, you’re planting and trailing kisses to her neck with hot sensual kisses. If you want to make out, this is one naughty way to make her say yes to an invitation over to your apartment — make sure you’ve created the right mood to maintain the intimacy all throughout the night — and even up to the wee hours of the morning.
  • The tongue action. Now, if you’re up for one wild night of necking and getting rowdy, this neck kissing tip will surely get you a long way — you have to use your tongue to nail this one. Okay, you literally have to lick her neck — it’s an going to shock her with delight and pleasure believe me.

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