7 Ways to Blow Your Ex’s Mind Away! Your Ex Will be Noticing You So Much They Will Beg for You Back!

Having regrets about the breakup in your relationship? This can be very painful and you can’t stop regretting the circumstances that caused it. There are countless ways to salvage a broken relationship. Moping around feeling dejected will not help. Doing something about it will!

By now you must be aware of the reasons why you and your ex broke up – more importantly, your own faults that added to it. Work on those as quickly as possible and make your ex sit up and notice!

Did you look like a frump? Were you so dowdy and unattractive that your ex hated being seen with you? Get a haircut, a new wardrobe and do something about those hands and feet and then make sure your ex sees the new you.

If you want your ex to notice you again, make sure you have been exercising and are back in shape. Wearing sexy outfits to accentuate those features that caught his/her eye when he/she first saw you will make him/her ogle you again!

Don’t be a ‘stay-at-home’ just because of what happened. Go around with other friends and make sure your ex sees that you are not ‘pining away’ for him/her. It may make him/her jealous and want to be back with you.

If you have been sending your ex a million messages – stop. Be aloof and away from him/her and stop all communication. This may make him wonder if you’re seeing someone new or have stopped missing him/her.

Don’t make threats or pressurize him/her into seeing you again. There is nothing more irritating than someone who just ‘won’t let go’!

Show your ex that you are willing to make changes. Apologize for your mistakes and make sure you let him/her know that you still care.

Nobody can resist you if you are more exciting and better looking than you were before and moreover willing to make your relationship a terrific one! Go out and get him/her to notice this irresistible you!

Source by Avril Harper-Rae

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