A Great Way To Flirt With Girls And Get Them To Go Home With You

Okay, this may sound backwards, but it isn’t. Before I continue, I want you to remember that if you are somewhere that presents an opportunity to flirt with an attractive girl, chances are, you’re not the only one on the prowl and the only way you’ll get the girl is to separate yourself from the competition.

So back to the backwards part. When I’m out looking for a girl, let’s say in a bar, I size up the competition before I even begin looking for a target. I don’t care what the guys look like, I’m looking at numbers, at ratios of men to women…hot women.

You would think the less men to hot women the better, right? Well, I have always had better luck the other way around and here’s why. I don’t use pick up lines to flirt. I use exit lines to flirt.

Every hot girl is going to be constantly harassed by guys looking to get them into bed the entire time she is at a bar, the more men there are, the more often she is approached. 99.9% of these guys will strike out but each attempt will re-enforce her defense shield until it’s nearly impenetrable.

This is why you don’t stand a very good chance of getting a girls attention with a pick up line. Yes, you have to use one but what you say after she rejects you is where you separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Now, I’m going to assume for the moment you have taken a course on attracting women and you are at least physically attractive as you can possibly be and you have practiced conversational techniques to the point of being comfortable around women. If you haven’t, this may not work for you. Get a guide on attracting women.

If you are reasonably confident talking to women and you don’t physically gross anyone out, here is what you do to flirt with the hot girl when walking away.

Just like every other guy you are going to approach her and give her some lame pick up line or introduction. I always say, “I’m just gonna set my glass here while we dance, is that okay?”

Don’t use anything sexual or cheesy like “You must be tired because you have been running through my mind all day” barf!

An approach like mine shows I’m confident and fully expect her to dance with me. She is less likely to rudely dismiss me and more likely to give me a polite “I’m sorry, I’m waiting for my boyfriend” type of line instead which is what you are hoping for anyway.

Now, Having a boyfriend or husband may or may not be true. If it is true, you have no shot anyway. More than likely it’s a standard response to the onslaught of offers from horny men in hopes she will not be bothered again.

Most men will either just look uncomfortable and say okay and slink away. Some will persist and try and convince her why he is mister right which will never work because she is in defense mode and not in a position to buy.

And that is the key. You want to get her out of this defensive position as quickly as possible and leave her thinking “what a cool guy, maybe I’ll give him a chance later on”.

So, when she gives you the “waiting for my boyfriend line” you quickly shoot back, “Okay, but look, when he get’s here, give him my compliments on his great taste in women”. Give her a quick wink and knowing smile and then walk away. Do not approach her again or stare her down…move on to the next target.

Once you have made your rounds, position yourself in a place where you can be easily found and like a deer hunter, patiently wait for your prey to approach you. And if you’ve applied this technique properly, the women who don’t really have a boyfriend will be compelled to tell you the truth and approach you because they feel it’s safe to do so.

This has never once failed me. Plant enough seeds and something will happen. Most of the time the girl says, “I don’t really have a boyfriend. I just said that because so many guys were hitting on me. How about that dance now?”

Try this the next time your out. This technique has the additional benefit of easing your fear of rejection because you are actually preparing yourself for her to say no when you approach her and you get to try out your exit line. If she says yes, that’s even better.

Source by London Phelps

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