A Love Song for Goa

A Love Song for Goa

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The rain has been singing. Today, i found her a song. To that i wove this little dance of images.

Words, are dry. This land, this season, the people here, the earth … is wet, wet, wet. Where words fail. Melody succeeds. Dance, creates wonders.

Anyone of you, hopefully a few, will watch. Your heart, respond.

It is an ode to a land that has taught us much.

With the waves of this ocean,
With the rocks,
The river
The shells
The ancient trees

There has been a communion.

They have told. We have heard.
They have prayed. We have prayed, with them.

As i journey back, i carry with me a little promise. Of a return.
Yes, goodbyes are special. They hold a call. To come back. Again and again.

Note: The song – #GoanMando #PausachoDis – is courtesy the ‘Voice of Goa’ #SharonMazarello.

It is a girl’s account of romantic awakening in the monsoon and the first stirrings of love, all from the vantage point of an umbrella or sontri. 🙂

If any one you knows #Konkani, i’d love to get a translation of the lyrics!

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