A night in with the Trifecta

A night in with the Trifecta

Saturday morning, nina and emily were laying on the couch recuperating from a fabulous friday night and watching Bill and Ted’s bogus journey.
Emily- Ashley and i are gonna take it easy tonight since we have to go out sunday
Nina- uggghhhh I agree (barely lifting head to make eye contact)

6 hours later

Nina-lets do a photoshoot. Im bored.
Emily- perf
(ashley walks in thorugh the door)
Nina and Emily-we are doing a photoshoot as our alteregos.
Ashley- ughhh i just got off work.
(after nina gets out of the shower)
Nina- OKAY! ash you are gonna be a sexpot dude guy dude cause thats what you are good at
Ashley- yes!
Nina- Emily in the wise words of neighbor man. . .you are gonna be a wild and crazy party girl (boop on th nose). Im gonna be a crasian.
Ashley Em Nina- YUP.
3:30 AM after a victor and 2 booze runs. . .

the tirfecta- “this is what we call a night in?”

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