A Unique Love Story

I have been watching a television show called ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’. It presents one unusual love story every episode and it has many seasons. I have watched most of the episodes. Among the several amazing love stories the one I liked the most was about a guy who was a writer named N and a girl who was a prostitute named K. It was the usual kind of romance where the boy and girl meet each other coincidently and fall in love. Also, the difference was not because the girl was a prostitute. The story was unassuming because of what the guy thought about the girl and the way he behaved with her. There is a subtle difference between showing that you care about the atrocities faced by the prostitutes and sharing the pain with one of them. Most of us in our society think that speaking out loud about our acceptance towards them or writing articles about how we can put an end to their suffering is most generous gesture we can afford to show them. I do not disagree that it is the first step towards bringing about a change in society and bestowing a ray of hope to these girls. At the same time most of us just do these things in order to prove our open-mindedness to other people but we do not actually think in the same way. In fact even the institutions for their rehabilitation often do not treat them right and sometimes even have worse ulterior motives. Our emotions are always locked away and we use these people to prove our worth. I believe there would be very few people who are not hypocrite about such viewpoints. Most of us would be still hating their lot and showing off how much we care.

In this story the girlfriend of the writer named G was such a person who was doing research on prostitution, its causes and how to save women from such rackets. When a goon being chased by police drops off K in N’s house and threatens him to kill him if he refuses to keep K till the time he gets back, N is terrified and is left with no choice but to take care of K. In the beginning, he didn’t know anything about K. When he first learnt that K is a prostitute he feels uncomfortable and extremely conscious of letting the girl remain in his house. This emotion was quite natural because society teaches us to judge people based on their profession without knowing their circumstances which led them into it. Also, he had the fear of being discovered by his girlfriend who may not understand his situation. As time goes by, he starts talking to K and gets to know how after becoming an orphan at a very young age she was sold by her heartless uncle to people involved in prostitution and human trafficking. He comes to know about how she was tortured and beaten up brutally upon refusing to become a prostitute. The repulsiveness he had felt for her at first changed to sympathy. N was portrayed as a sensitive guy, so it was not unusual for him to feel sad for K who had suffered so much injustice. He goes up to his girlfriend as he believes she being a researcher on such a topic would definitely help him to find a safe abode for this girl. But alas, she lashes out at him for letting K live with him and also passes derogatory remarks on K’s character. He then realizes that the thesis she had written on the status of these women was just a topic for her to get her acknowledgements and accolades in her profession and not at all heartfelt. He breaks-up with her as he feels that they are two very different people who have very dissimilar thinking. He returns home dejected and tells K about the whole incident. K on the other hand feeling guilty about the whole situation and considering herself the cause of N’s break-up, leaves him. When she sets her foot out of the house she is again caught by the goon who had run away from police custody. He along with others catch hold of her and force her to leave with them. While she struggles to free herself, N is woken up from his slumber by the commotion and he goes out to find her being forced upon by the goons. He fights them and in the process acknowledges her to be his wife. Soon a crowd gathers up and somebody calls the police who arrest the goons and take them away. K looks at him with eyes filled with love and respect as nobody till now had publicly acknowledged her and showed her the respect she deserved. In fact she had accepted her fate and thought that destiny had refused her the right to being loved and cared for.

Now, she felt that God was still there and people like N are incarnations of God. On the other hand N had never realized before that what he felt for K was much deeper and meaningful than sympathy. He had started caring for her unknowingly. Fighting for her had eventually made him feel for her but it had not occurred to him before the goons asked him what she meant to him, that he really loved her and had subconsciously accepted her as his better half.

This story is a fantasy but it does project the difference between hypocrisy and real acceptance of people who are judged adversely by society. Even educated people are not free from the social stigmas and cannot think beyond what they are made to believe. N was always very concerned about K and even when he was not in love with her, did not treat her improperly. The depiction of their love story was also not partial about the fact that she was in an indecent profession. In fact, it was more about her agony and the distress. Generally people fall in love with a person and then feel their pain. But in this story it was the opposite. N could feel the physical and mental torment that K went through and this pain made him fall in love with her.

This story really touched my heart because it could portray love in its true essence. Love is pure and unaffected. It doesn’t happen based on where you belong, what you do, what you are, how you look, so on and so forth. It is as innocent and unadulterated as a new born child.

Source by Swagata Ghatak

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