African Wildlife Foundation - Save the Rhino

African Wildlife Foundation – Save the Rhino

This was a collaboration brief between Visual Communications, Copyrighting and Multimedia students at Vega School of Branding. The brief tasked us with creating a TV Advert for a NGO that would bring awareness to the issue at hand, and hopefully raise a call to action. We as students where given 4 weeks to work on the brief, in which we had to do research on the brand, create a concept, and then final execution. The final execution involved filming and editing the story with the resources we had at hand. (As we are students, we had no budget, no special camera equipment or crew and there used simple camcorders)

For this Video we chose the NGO of African Wildlife Foundation, and chose to focus on the issue of Rhino Poaching. This is a tough task as there is a lot of awareness about this issue, yet not enough to make people act on it. We chose to focus on a young girls point of view. Targeting the older generation as they see a young girl make a naive attempt to “Save the Rhino”

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