All In The Family

All In The Family

All In The Family

Less Said Is Best Said… But As U Like…

Post Scriptum: Should you consider the following verbose missive, do right click to a new tab and listen to:

Let me add part of the story;

Some years ago while walking in ol’Habana, I noted a ferry with a couple of destinations. The next morning joined the lineup of locals, not knowing where it went, save that the captain was in a locked cage (to avoid commandeering to Miami), while the rest of us also got on board, somewhat like cattle into a cage… standing room only as no seats!

Ist. stop 15 minutes later didn’t look interesting, then arrived at Casa Blanca and go off.

As I walked up the hill of the town, there was a Young Girl (at right-above – 14 years), who noted my camera & wanted a photo of here & her baby. After attending her request, she was very happy and I continued walking.

Some 2 hours later, I opted to retrace my steps after taking more pics than needed!

The YL was waiting for me upon my return, and asked whether I would like to meet her parents, uncle & aunt, to which I said con mucho gusto!

There 2 room accommodation had 1 bed, a couple of wooden boxes and a quasi sofa. There was a bathroom, no door with a clearly un-working/cracked toilet & the edge of a bath in view. A 2 burner propane stove.

After a while of talking it was clear that the aunt was somewhat off the deep end, which embarrassed her husband.

They asked if I wanted a beer… knowing that they had none, simply said, si, vamos per compra… and off we went to the local joint – I buying a dozen cans, and an ice cream for the YL!

After consuming some beer, the aunt got up, pulling down her jeans at the edge of the bath and relieved herself, in full view. Then she wanted photos taken and the quasi show started, with the husband apologizing!

The sun was falling, and I wanted to leave to catch a ferry back to ol’Habana.

The YL’s father came to me, and said, por favor… take my daughter… the dummy that I am, understood that she was to get into my luggage and leave Cuba with her… to which he said…

Non… for small Yankee dollars, we give you the bed for the next two hours…

The YL received $$$, for her baby’s future (she does not know who the father is!)

1day1day I will return and maybe will be met again, and 1 hopes that the conditions will be much improved!

This Is Cuba… the middle class Spaniards – Canadians go to the beaches… few see the reality of loosing the USSR – Chinese Communist support, the teachers and doctors that are in Venezuela in exchange for oil… Ohhh Chavez is the new thief or is it benefactor+?!


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