Amelia + Kai // Wedding SDE

Amelia + Kai // Wedding SDE

First of all let me just start by saying how wonderful the wedding has been. Amelia and Kai are just the cutest couple around. Yes, Iike to describe my couples with one word, they’ll be either the nicest couple, funkiest couple most fun couple, whatever couple and Amelia and Kai with their (A)fai fai and Kai jai nicknames definitely gets the title of the cutest couple around. As the title of the film says, they call each other fai fai and Kai jai the word was spoken a lot on each of their letters to each other. It made some funny jokes between the bridal party as well as a lot of the guests but Im sure everyone agrees that just shows how loving and sweet this two lovebirds are to each other

Secondly, Amelia is such a sweet and gentle girl while Kai is what I would call a comedian hahaha… Both of them are very friendly and nice people which we got along really well. The wedding was nothing but a dream. The reception was at the beautiful LED Revolving stage mess where they had their lovely friends and family who came over from all around the world for them.

Thanks so much Amelia and Kai for having us and we just wanna wish you a great marriage life and an abundance of blessings in the future. Cheers!

PS: I just love the lyric of the song we used by Westlife “Beautiful in White”
“You look so beautiful in white
And from now to my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish..”

Panda Productions Team

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