Anthia Diving Center video

Anthia Diving Center video

Anthia Diving Center video

Promotional video for Anthia Diving Center, located in Sesimbra, Portugal.

Anthia Diving Center is located in Sesimbra, about 20 miles from Lisbon, right in the heart of Arrábida Natural & Marine Park.

Considered the Portuguese capital of scuba diving, Sesimbra as also a lot more to offer, from magnificent landscapes to ancient monuments and unique gastronomy!

The Natural park covers the Arrábida Hills, which mediterranean-like vegetation and microclimate resemble Adriatic locations such as Dalmatia.

Miles and miles of fantastic and virgin beaches famous for its peacefulness and great conditions offered to all visitors, are popular among locals and tourists.

The park is occupied since very early, during the Pre-History and the Metals Age. Fossil footsteps of dinosaurs, ancient and beautiful castles are only some of the landmarks to visit.

Anthia Diving Center is the main Diving Center and School in Sesimbra, providing the best conditions for all sport divers. Air, nitrox, trimix and argon are available, as well as all kind of scuba equipment to rent.

Scuba Diving formation and certification are available from entry levels to tech diving, through international agencies as PADI, SSI and GUE.

Dive spots for all levels of certification are available, including cave and wreck diving.

Partnerships allow divers and escorts to enjoy other outdoor activities like off-road 4×4, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, golfing… Special rates for accommodation are also available.

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