Article Submission As a Link Building Strategy

Article Submission As a Link Building Strategy

Article Submission As a Link Building Strategy

When it comes to promoting websites, article submission is probably the best link building strategy if you require quality traffic and long term exposure for your websites. By submitting properly linked, well-made and informative articles to various popular and niche websites, you increase the probability of reaching more viewers who are most likely to visit your site. This form of distributed content-based link building strategy will prove to be more effective than other online approaches to website promotion.

In article submission, the website owner will choose from among the numerous websites that accept third-party stories, features or press releases. He or she will then prepare a well-written article on a topic related to the website being promoted or it may be specific to a particular webpage or content on said website. The article will contain a link to the website within the text of the article itself or as a byline or resource citation usually posted after the article. The website owner will then submit the write-up to the article submission site to be considered for posting under a specified category.

You may submit as many articles as you desire to as many sites as possible. However, take into consideration that each article must be unique since duplicate postings are usually considered undesirable, not to mention unethical, by both the search engines and the general public.

Build Credibility

There are several other things to observe when submitting articles to other sites for the purpose of building links. First, focus on developing good content both for your own site and for the linked articles you will submit for posting on other sites. Realize that your target audience is looking exactly for good articles and not for links. By consistently providing articles that have value for readers, you establish yourself as a credible resource.

A good track record of posted articles will be your passport for posting more linked articles to more sites, thereby expanding your reach and exposing your own website to a wider audience. In a way, it has a snowballing effect that benefits your website. The more articles you post, the more your website will likely get visited and linked. In turn, more sites will welcome your articles, and again your site gains in popularity, and so on and so forth.

Build Relationships

Link building services through article submission may sound like hard work because that’s exactly what it is. Nevertheless, success in web marketing rarely works for those who choose only turnkey artificial techniques. If you go by that path, you would most likely achieve short term benefits only. An artificial link building strategy cannot build the essential relationship that website owners, focused on delivering quality content, have with their loyal subscribers.

Now that you might be considering article submission as your link building strategy, go ahead and start early. You will find that it may take some time and probably a few failed campaigns before you see the fruits of your efforts. Rest assured however that this link building strategy will yield better and long-lasting results for your websites’ viewership, credibility and popularity.

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