Attract and Seduce Sexy Women: How To Avoid Going For The Wrong Type Of Girls

A lot of guys fail miserably in seducing the woman of their
choice simply because, in most cases…they’re going after the
wrong type of girl completely. You see, from a human
psychology perspective, we are most compatible with only
certain personality “types,” and they are known as our
personality matches. Now, what do we mean by “personality

It is easy to think that this word, “match” means that you
are best suited to a woman who has EXACTLY THE SAME
personality as you. But you would be wrong according to the
psychologists. Ever heard the statement “opposites attract?”
Well, this is really where it comes from. And as a man, your
personality match is the woman whose personality type is
exactly OPPOSITE to yours on something known as the
“personality profile.” Let me explain the 4 basic types of
personalities which make up this personality profile:

The Queen: This is a girl who is naturally an introvert,
kind of likes keeping to herself. A bit on the quiet side.
Other character traits of the queen include: she’s caring,
always trying to keep the peace and please everyone. Lots of
conscience, very sensitive. And she’s very logical and
organised, doesn’t like to take too many risks in her life.
She might be involved in careers such as accounting and

The Warrior: The only thing this girl has in common with the
queen is that she is also very logical and methodical in
their approach to life. But on the other hand, she is not as
sensitive. She believes in fighting hard battles like the
name “Warrior” suggests. You’ll find a lot of warriors are
probably involved in highly competitive sports. She’s
ruthlessly ambitious and will stop at nothing to get what
she wants in life. Some warriors might be entrepreneurs or
very highly efficient workers like law enforcement officers.

The Lover : These girls are very creative. They are a bit on
the quiet side like the queen. She’s most likely a dreamer,
very philosophical and tends to be drawn to activities like
wring poetry, painting and music. She’s very laid back and
has a rather romantic view of the world. On the other hand
she can be very dis-organised, with her thoughts all over
the place, she’s not very logical, unlike the queen.

The Magician : These girls always want to be the center of
attention. She’s very loud, and will tend to be a natural
exhibitionist. She will always be the life and soul of the
party. You’ll find that she has a natural liking for careers
like pop music and acting, anything which will feed her need
for constant attention in society.

Now, these personality types apply to men as well, so to
know which group you belong to, just see which
characteristics best describe you. So for example if you are
very logical and sensitive, you’d be a King (which is
exactly the same as the queen). But as I said earlier, in
terms of sexual compatibility, your personality match is
that woman who is the DIRECT OPPOSITE personality type to
you. So for example if you’re a King in personality, your
direct opposite is the Magician, if you’re a Warrior, your
opposite is the Lover.

And if you find this “opposite” girl, you are likely to feel
deeply attracted to each other and even in some cases, feel
the chemical reaction known as “love.” In other words, you
are likely to experience a strong physical and spiritual
attraction towards your female opposite.

You will also find that being with this person feels like
you have discovered the missing part of yourself. And it
will be much easier for you to seduce this type of girl
because there is already this strong, natural and biological
connection between you. But if you go for girls who are
either the same personality as you or not exactly opposite
to you, (for example a Warrior with a King) you’ll find it
much more difficult to attract and seduce her because the
connection is missing. So bear this in mind when meeting
women you want to date and seduce and you’ll be pleasantly
surprised what a HUGE difference it will make.

Source by Kenneth Oboh

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