baba ji roza(shaheedan thana malakand)

baba ji roza(shaheedan thana malakand)

baba ji roza(shaheedan thana malakand)

Hazrat Abdul Karim commonly known as Baba Ji(RA) was born approximately in 1915,died in October 16,2005.

Early Life: Before coming to Sufism Baba Ji used to be a staunch opponent of the Sufism. He was a successful businessman having strong physique of common pashtoon.

Coming to Sufism : One day ba ba ji was trying to stop a disciple of daishanon ba ba (shrine in charsadda NWFP) from coming to his home village. The disciple looked straight in to ba ba ji eyes and every thing was changed. According to ba ba ji as the person looked into his eyes ba ba ji lost control on himself coming closer to him, bowing down to touch his feet to show respect and submission. After this event ba ba ji renounce the worldly interest and entered thoroughly in the spiritual world.

Generosity: Ba ba ji was very generous. Before coming to sufism ba ba ji used to be a successful businessman, having too much wealth, but entering the Sufism he distributed all his wealth having nothing left jus to feed his own kid. One day the close relative came to him telling you did wrong having distributed your every thing. Your own kids will go hungry; Ba ba ji replied this is the best investment I have ever mad for myself and my kids now I can differentiate between the loss and profit.

Anecdotes: (1 )One day one of his disciple was going somewhere with the ba ba ji. The disciple looking at his body ,having week body, thinking I wish I were a girl, same time ba ba ji turned to the disciple ,telling him it is bad that a man wishing himself as a lady.

(2)on another occasion ba ba ji was sitting along with his disciples in his hujra with his legs stretching . One of the disciple being tired of squatting , wishing in his heart to stretch his legs like ba ba ji, the same moment ba ba ji asked the person that you are allowed to stretch your legs and sit as the ba ba ji was. The disciple was shocked thinking how the ba ba ji did know that he was wishing for that.

(3) One day one of the ba ba ji disciple was sitting with the ba ba ji in his hujra the disciple thought in his heart that in presence of such sufi every supplication may be accepted . The disciple started supplication in his heart , and every time he made the supplication , ba ba ji said Amen . The disciple made supplication three time and the ba ba ji said three time, Amen. The disciple was shocked to know that ba ba ji was knowing what supplication he was making.

Ba ba ji used to tell his disciple to speak truth, don’t publicize any body’s sins try to put cover on it and advise the person not to do again. Ba ba ji always welcome the guests, he used to say that guest is a bless from God and he brings the blesses with him. Ba ba ji don’t like it to be praised. He used to say that friendship and enmity should only for God pleasure not for personal reasons.

Ba ba ji was called among the sufis as DA THANAI GUL(flower of thana).

Death: Ramadan was ba ba ji favorite month and he passed away in the holy month of Ramadan.

Shrine: The shrine of ba ba ji is located in the local graveyard situated in shaheedano mahallah,thana, malakand, NWFP,Pakistan.

Ba ba ji left behind five sons and a daughter.

Abdul halim ba ba is his khaleefa.

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