Barefoot Brats 1 year anniversary party Nov 13th 12PM SLT

Barefoot Brats 1 year anniversary party Nov 13th 12PM SLT

Barefoot Brats 1 year anniversary party Nov 13th 12PM SLT

Cit. Vari:

OMG is it really 1 year that the barefoot brats are around……..

On a rainy Saturday evening there was a cute girl dancing alone in a club, she did not saw a other very cute girl entering the club and started to stare at her. After a while there eyes crossed each other and they smiled at each other. Before they both knew they where dancing together and talking and not long after that the one girl asked the other girl to come home with her to have a ”drink”

At that moment the Barefoot Brats where a fact, the two girls went out clubbing together and ”drinking” at home and before they knew there came a third brat and not long after that there where four and five………

Now after 1 year there are 55 brats, all so amazing and so cute and sweet and sexy and hot and they all like to ”drink” at home and going to clubs.

And of course we gonna celebrate this anniversary and of course you all are invited, so keep Saturday November 13th free, the party starts at 12PM SLT till deep into the night.

*Photo contest:

During the party everyone can join the photo contest.

What you have to do to enter the photo contest:

-Make a photo during the party

-Join the brats Flickr group (

-Post your photo on Flickr before Monday November 16th (add the photo to Brats Flickr group)

-Title your photo ”Barefoot Brats Anniversary Party Photo Contest”

The Brats provide 10K L$ + a C.H.C gift card sponsored by Cindy Henusaki

*Number 1- 4500 L$ + C.H.C Gift Card
*Number 2- 3K L$
*Number 3- 2K L$
*Number 4- 500 L$

The best photo will be chosen by the brats.

The winners will be announced on the brats Flickr group and in the Brats party group on Thursday November 20th and they will get contacted.

Thats not all, Cindy from C.H.C cars made a special BB car what will be gifted to everyone who come to the party

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