Basic Skin Care: 6 Things You Must Do

Skin problems may occur to both males and females and they cast a negative effect on the personality of men and women alike. Healthy and glowing skin is a symbol of proper health and your beauty is judged in the society by the type of skin you possess. You may be wondering how the super models and actresses in fashion magazines get such a glowing skin. Their skin is a result of professional photography and some fine digital editing. You do not need the professionals to advise you or make you look beautiful as there are ways that you can adopt to tone up your skin.

Here are a few tips related to skin care that can give you results within weeks.

1. Hydration is important no matter you have dry or oily skin. Try to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day during summer and 6 to 8 glasses of water during winter. The best thing to do is to start the day by drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water with empty stomach. This will bring freshness back to your skin.

2. Try to keep your skin clean and dirt free. There is a lot of pollution in the environment and it is utterly impossible to avoid dust completely. Wash your body parts that are exposed to dust at least twice a day with beauty soap or some other beauty product.

3. If your skin is dry then apply moisturizer after washing your face. If you have oily skin then wash it with a quality beauty soap regularly. Oily skin has a specialty that it shows signs of old age far later than other skin types. But it needs more cleaning too as pores can get clogged.

4. If you live in an environment that is full of dirt and pollution then apply a natural base of powder to your face before going out so that smoke and other dust particles do not enter in your pores. Make sure you wash that base as soon as you reach your office or get back home as it blocks the supply of oxygen to the skin as well and your skin can get dried.

5. Make sure you add vegetables, fruits and juices to your daily diet as they clean the digestive system and keep you healthy. Fruits and juices contain necessary vitamins that are essential for the body.

6. Sun rays are harmful for your skin and eyes. Apply sun screen lotion or cream to all the exposed parts of your body and wear sun glasses on your eyes to protect them from harmful sun rays. These rays can cause dark circles around the eyes that take ages to go away.

Skin is the largest organ of the body exposed to the outside world and it protects the inside of your body so its care is your responsibility. If you adopt these basic skin care methods then soon people will start noticing your radiant skin and it will bring confidence back to your personality.

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