Beanstalk Children's Garden

Beanstalk Children’s Garden

The Leanna Flandermeyer Beanstalk Children’s Garden is a unique (and fun!) field trip destination for children of all ages. The Beanstalk Garden offers children the opportunity to learn about:

Growing Food
Plant Science

Visitors are encouraged to use their senses to see, touch, smell and taste plants as part of the learning process. Children are given vegetables fresh from the garden for tasting.

The Beanstalk Children’s Garden is comprised of six specialized garden areas including:

The Vegetable Garden is planted with many varieties of vegetables from all around the world.
The Fruit Garden is planted with both common and unusual berry bushes and fruit trees.
The Herb Garden features many different types of herbs for cooking, fragrance and medicinal uses.
The Seed and Grain Garden contains seed and grain plants like corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, and popcorn.
The Curiosity Garden is a special place filled with strange and unusual plants.
The Water Garden features plants like papyrus, water lilies and floating water hyacinths along with fish and frogs.

Visit the Garden

Individual admission is free; donations accepted. Individuals, families and groups are welcome. Guidebooks are available upon request.

Hours of Operation

Monday—Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM; Closed Sunday

The Beanstalk Children’s Garden is open from June 15 to October 21

To Plan a Tour

Groups are asked to call ahead or email to make arrangements for a tour guide.
Guided tours cost $2 per person.
All plants are labeled with names and information.
The garden paths are paved and fully wheelchair accessible.
Picnic tables are available. Groups should call ahead to reserve.
The Beanstalk is an approved field trip site for Girl Scouts to complete badge requirements.
School and homeschool groups may call for special tours and educational opportunities.
Garden Clubs are welcome as schedule permits.

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