Beautiful Blond & Brunette Malibu Surf Girls! Tall, Thin, Fit, Hot & Pretty Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddesses!

Beautiful Blond & Brunette Malibu Surf Girls! Tall, Thin, Fit, Hot & Pretty Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddesses!

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After we went surfing at Surfrider’s Beach (starting at 5:30 AM) we headed on up to a private beach close to Zuma Beach!

Beautiful Surf Girl Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddesses!

I am refinishing these photos in Lightroom 5! They were tall, thin, fit, athletic goddesses! A blond and a brunette! The 45SURF goddesses were surfing on longboards that day close to the Malibu Lagoon on surfrider’s beach, before we headed up to the private beach.

Shot with a Panasonic DMC-FZ50–a nifty little camera that still had a CCD in it, instead of the cmos sensor!

May the Hero’s Journey Mythology Goddess inspire you (as they have inspired me!) along your own artistic journey!

A Gold 45 Goddess exalts the archetypal form of Athena–the Greek Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts and reason. A Gold 45 Goddess embodies 45SURF’s motto "Virtus, Honoris, et Actio Pro Veritas, Amor, et Bellus, (Strength, Honor, and Action for Truth, Love, and Beauty," and she stands ready to inspire and guide you along your epic, heroic journey into art and mythology. It is Athena who descends to call Telemachus to Adventure in the first book of Homer’s Odyssey–to man up, find news of his true father Odysseus, and rid his home of the false suitors, and too, it is Athena who descends in the first book of Homer’s Iliad, to calm the Rage of Achilles who is about to draw his sword so as to slay his commander who just seized Achilles’ prize, thusly robbing Achilles of his Honor–the higher prize Achilles fought for. And now Athena descends once again, assuming the form of a Gold 45 Goddess, to inspire you along your epic journey of heroic endeavour.

Johnny Ranger McCoy

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