Before she was mom

Before she was mom

Before she was mom

My mom has called me twice this Mother’s Day. Naturally, I called first but the other two times have been to remind me about something or other. Now that she’s retired she calls when the spirit moves her and I answer if I can on the off chance that it’s something bad.

This week I found out that someone close had a less than idyllic experience because of substance abuse. She’s a little scarred, a little wary. Those things should never happen to a little girl or anyone, really. Luckily, I have been more than fortunate with my choice of parents and nothing on that scale has happened aside from when my kid brother got sick and we were in and out of hospitals for six or seven years before we finally lost him.

So I consider myself more than a little lucky and undeserving; more the latter, of course. And I hope mom excuses me if I take a deep breath before answering and the first thing I ask is if everything is OK.

Mom on the right with friends and aunt somewhere in Cebu, Phillipines. Photographer unknown but probably my uncle. Scanned from print with an HP ScanJet 4600.

Posted by minorityreport on 2007-05-13 19:53:54

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