Behind The Camera .

Behind The Camera .

00:30 < Click here to start the video Taylors Student Assignment - Introduction to Film and TV Production Synopsis: A girl with passion for capturing memories through a camera. Outline: A college student, Wendy has a passion for photography because her mother encourages her that photography can remain memories since her young age. However, her father, Soh forbids Wendy to pursue photography because it reminds him a lot of his wife who died from an accident many years ago. Wendy disregards her father’s order and continues to secretly take pictures. One day, Soh found out Wendy’s secretive passion and gives Wendy a last warning. In conjunction, Soh received a call about Wendy’s condition that she might go blind when she fainted due to low blood pressure, causing her retina to damage. Soh was devastated when he entered Wendy’s room after many years and saw many old memorable pictures of their family stuck on the wall. Soh finally understood behind Wendy’s passion and donated his retinas to his daughter just so that her daughter can continue pursuing capture moment through a camera lens. Credit Music by LongZiJun
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