Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

Your lingerie can be anything from a long gown, g-string, panties, to guarder belts and crotchless panties. For you to look and feel good about yourself, you should wear the right lingerie for your body type. If you are wondering which is the right outfit to wear for your body type, here’s a guide:

Pear Shaped

If this is your body type you should go for an outfit that shows the curves of your body. At the same time you should wear outfits that will hide your large thighs. The best outfits to wear are little gowns that will hide your thigh area. You can also go for sexy pieces that wrap at the middle. Image consultants also recommend that you should wear a two piece that comes with a lacy bra and matching boy-shorts or matching miniskirt.

The cool thing with these outfits is that they break up your bust and hips thus drawing attention to your waist thus giving you a very sexy figure.

Ruler Figure

If you have a ruler figure you should go for lingerie that adds curves to you figure. It’s also wise that you go for outfits that break up the straight figure. This calls for you to wear corsets and bustiers that will push up your breasts and pull in your waist. When you wear these outfits you will create an illusion of dramatic curves.

You should also consider wearing a sexy pushup bra and ruffled panties in order to add bulk to your chest and hips while at the same time showing off your little tummy.

Apple Shaped

If you have an apple shape you should go for outfits that will show off your breasts. You should also go for outfits that distract from the middle. The best outfits to go for are Babydolls. For ideal results you should go for a babydoll that has a low plunge and plenty of details over the bust area. This is to enhance your cleavage and at the same time minimize the thickness of your tummy.

Corsets are also great to wear. To create a perfect look you should go for a long line corset. As rule of thumb you should avoid a short corset as it will make your middle appear wider.


These are the best lingerie to wear for your body type. To feel good about yourself you should wear outfits that you are comfortable in. Always remember that if you aren’t feeling sexy you can’t be sexy.

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