Best Secure Web Browser: Lunascape Review

Best Secure Web Browser: Lunascape Review

Best Secure Web Browser: Lunascape Review

Lunascape is an innovative web browser that utilizes three rendering engines: Trident, Gecko, and WebKit. Users can switch between engines manually or configure automatic engine switching. The browser has lots of useful features such as a built-in multi-search tool, native RSS feeder, and mouse features. More than 20 million people have downloaded Lunascape. This web browser is available in 11 languages.

This is one of the most versatile browsers in the world, combining the engines from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. If a website doesn’t display properly when you view it with the Firefox engine, you can redisplay it with the Google Chrome engine. Many web developers use Lunascape for testing browser compatibility. They can easily set up each tab with a different engine and compare the results. In addition to Lunascape’s own add-ons, you have the ability to use the add-ons from Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Launascape comes with a large number of features such as:

• Triple engine
• Built-in RSS reader
• Supports mouse hotkeys and gestures
• Comfortable high-speed browsing
• Gecko add-on support
• Automatic backups
• Full screen and large screen modes
• Versatile tab menu
• Cascade view
• Customizable toolbar
• Luna ID coordination
• User friendly interface
• Easy to install/uninstall
• Many interesting tools and options
• Fast loading, low on resources
• Full page displays
• Multilingual versions
• Pop-up blocker

Users can sync their bookmarks with iLunascape and Firefox. The browser supports mouse gestures. If you want to switch to Lunascape from other browser, you only need to import your bookmarks and other settings. Users can also block unwanted URLs and delete their personal information automatically every time they exit Lunascape. This versatile web browser has a special feature that display headlines from major news sites.

Another innovative feature is the triple add-on function. User profiles are highly customizable as well. Lunascape allows users to import toolbars, preferences, and store passwords from their previous browser. You can change the browser’s appearance through the Skin Center. Lunascape also features a floating sidebar that can handle multiple add-ons at a time.

With special features such as full page displays and customizable toolbars, this web browser makes surfing the Internet easy, fun, and fast. It also supports scripts for more advanced automation tasks and comes with many bookmarklets and plugins. Users can choose from hundreds of different skins with suggestive name such as Purple Eclipse, Luna Bluemoon, and Bottom of the Sea. These options give you an added degree of flexibility

Source by Teresa A Douglas

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