Best Way To Turn A Girl On In Public

Best Way To Turn A Girl On In Public

Best Way To Turn A Girl On In Public

There is a best way to turn a girl on and it’s very simple. It has been proven, and girls have been polled on this. Nevertheless, I would wager that the majority of guys will probably stop reading this as soon as they see what this turn-on trick is. That’s too bad too, because as you’ll see in the true story below, those same guys will miss out on a whole slew of easy phone numbers and follow up dates

Do you want something easy? Something simple, yet extremely effective and proven in various studies as the best way to turn a girl on? Then practice your smile.

Look, an enormous amount of one night stands, relationships, and even marriages were all started by the smile. “It’s his smile that first got my attention and really turned me on.” Very, very common phrase. The point is do not underestimate the power of the smile. And if it has this much power (which it does) shouldn’t you take the time to perfect it as best as possible?

When learning the best way to turn a girl on, you have to understand the need for putting the girl in a positive place. Frowning, or angered expressions don’t put girls in a positive place, rather it conveys negativity.

The smile is the key to open up that positive place in a girl. It’s a safe place. A sweet place. A girl sees a good smile and her mood automatically changes and she takes strong notice.

And a real good smile is a huge turn on. Something quivers within them and their attraction levels toward you skyrockets.

How to practice the “turn-on smile”:

Alright, let’s face it. A lot of us guys have horrible smiles. And when we try to force one it comes out just plane goofy. We need to give them a sexy smile. We need to do a few practice runs in front of a mirror to get this thing right.

  • First, start with your head down, looking at the ground. Then slowly bring your head up and begin the formation of your smile.

This is a great way to do a “transformation”. It can be real hard to just give off a sexy smile on command. Going from your head down to up allows us this transformation period. After a while it will be very quick and you’ll be able to pull it off on command.

  • Don’t be too cocky with your smile. Make it cool and smooth.
  • Don’t be too sly and subtle either though. You want to make sure your smile is getting through.
  • Some guys are better off with a closed lip smile, while others are better showing some teeth in their smile. Practice both and see what looks best for you.
  • Slightly raise your eyes/eyebrows when you perform the head rise to smile formation. This can accentuate your smile and give it more power.

True story: My friend is very good at easily picking up girls in a very subtle manner and I never understood how this average looking dude did it. One night I stood back and tried to observe him. He went up to the bar, and I thought it was to get a drink. I noticed the female bartender was very attractive. He stood at the bar and when the time was right he caught the eye of the bartender. He looked right at her, and just smiled. He said nothing. He just smiled, and it was a damn good smile. She seemed to become mesmerized for a moment, and then smiled back. He got her number that night and went out with her the next week. And finally I had realized his trick and how he’s been able to score so many women throughout the years.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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