Beware When Using Conversational Hypnosis To Seduce Women

Beware When Using Conversational Hypnosis To Seduce Women

Beware When Using Conversational Hypnosis To Seduce Women

The idea of walking up to a gorgeous women and spinning some hypnotic tales for twenty minutes or so, ending with her desperate to have sex with you, is a fantasy that most men have. The good news is that this is more possible than most people realize.

Why? Because humans are sexual creatures. Guys want sex with the right girls, and girls want sex with the right guys. These are the most basic desires of human beings. Without them, we would have died out several years ago.

With girls, it’s pretty easy. Show up naked, as the old joke goes. But what about guys? Self confidence, communication ability, and the ability to move her through several emotions. That’s why conversational hypnosis is so powerful. Because by just telling stories in a certain way, that sound normal and natural on the surface, but incredibly sexually charged and emotionally powerful deep down below, you can dramatically create some powerful desires.

But should you do this with every hot girl that pushes your buttons. Absolutely not. Why? Because this can have disastrous consequences. First of all, when you create these emotions in a woman, they aren’t going to go away. Nor are they going to be temporary, or “fake.”

Because women associate sex with emotions much more than guys, many guys don’t take this into account. This means that while you may be able to use these patterns to create quick and easy sex, you will be creating incredible feelings of emotional attachment in the women you sleep with.

Now, you may be thinking, “Wow! That’s great! That’s just what I want!”

But what happens when that girl who’s suddenly head over heels in love with you is totally incompatible with you? What if you are a die hard Tea Party activist, and she’s a born again liberal (or vice versa)?

What if she’s an atheist, and you are a active member in your church? What if she’s a die-hard vegan, and you spend your summers hunting for elk?

While these patterns are incredibly powerful, you need to use them sparingly. Get to know her first. Use traditional dating techniques. Go on a few dates with her, find out what she’s like. Find out if your compatible.

Then, only after you find out that you two might have a chance, then you can use these patterns. You’ll find that by waiting a little bit, they’ll have a LOT more power, as they’ll be used within a context of amazing rapport.

And this can lead to some amazing sexual adventures and self discovery.

Source by George Hutton

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