bhs series by stelly riesling hmg 2 p jaisini footage background layer

bhs series by stelly riesling hmg 2 p jaisini footage background layer

bhs series by stelly riesling hmg 2 p jaisini footage background layer

Kant after him the Postmodern/poststructuralist thinkers are skeptical about any all-encompassing metaphysical scheme.
Hegel’s argument for idealism is ipso facto ( by the fact itself,) argument against materialism.
Berkeley argued how it is impossible to gather direct evidence of matter. There is no direct experience of matter; all that is experienced is perception, whether internal or external.
The existence of matter can only be assumed from perceptions; it finds absolutely no evidence in direct experience.
The physical world could only be explained by matter and energy. Matter and energy that explains physical can’t explain the mind. So dualism occurs.
Emergence, holism, and process philosophy seek to ameliorate (improve) the shortcomings of traditional (mechanistic) materialism without abandoning materialism entirely.
With the above in mind, how would one approach understanding of the Invisible Paintings by Paul Jaisini. From the materialistic point of view that denies outright any value of ideas versus reality. We live everyday life very much by the rules that as philosophy of Materialism or Physicalism might be wrong on all accounts but right in the daily practical sense in the course of everyone’s life.
Paul Jaisini’s Invisible Paintings with anything but the claim that he “executes” the paintings in Invisible Style remains to be the artist’s declaration that is not backed up with any resulting visual image that would in common understanding be able to prove him right or wrong.
If he never shows any material result of his Painting in Invisible Style while we do know about the wide-spread knowledge of the artist’s claims what is the moral, purpose or future development and growth of such activity?
Influencing others would be one thing as development or outcome that had already proven long time ago to be realized.
Paul Jaisini’s idea about Invisible Paintings reached far distances and so many people that in 1997-99 it was probably everyone on the Internet. Paul Jaisini (or others acting on his behalf) had sucessfully (for such purpose as spreading his idea) utilized the Internet to campaign the Invisible Paintings Idea or Gleitzeit. Now we know that the Internet was and remains most popular media for someone with intent to plant the seed of ideas. In that respect ideas of Invisibility had grown in Global proportion. Never before was Invisibility and Invisible so culturally ingrained in everything, fashion, architecture, entertainment and other social domains.

THE DISCOVERY by gleitzeit blog (the lost Interview in Rome) I am using magnifying glass to be able to read a a PDF file of a very low quality. My eyes are hurting. What I have found is something that is just not available… I must say on the search for anything tagged “invisible” I find some pretty amazing stuff I would never know about (later on that) Paul meet me at the gate. He looked younger than I had expected. Dressed casually. As a host he cordially offered me to dine. While we entered the hall I had an urge to ask him, is this a museum? trying not to break anything as we passed by sculptures, paintings, ceramics and a lot of other pieces of art which I had never seen before. This unexpected excitement spoiled my appetite, and I was no longer hungry and instead drank some wine. He made clear that it is not any kind of a museum, but instead, his Paul’s studio. He lives not in Rome, but by the Terranian sea, where he was going shortly. I asked Paul how he earns a living. Paul thought a little and tried to find an appropriate explanation. He finally lit on: "I am of independent means and don’t have to earn a living" pouring me another glass of wine. I asked him: “ Can I buy some of your paintings? How much it will cost me?” This question Paul left unanswered but he said that commonly he paints his pictures without the intention to sell them. Earlier I noticed a little girl and a young woman moving about him. OMG!!!! I am shaken up. NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT Paul Jaisini’s personal life! I don’t believe this. THANK YOU GOOGLE! this is like really mystifying. I am not an emotional person, rather someone who loves to work hard and get the job done. This turned into something other than working. Google nowadays is not your “grandfather’s” google so to speak. It is tailored around you, your daily Internet activity, So finding any news, any special information is no longer an easy task. I guess because there’s too much of everything and what one is looking for could be placed out of reach. So we sort of live on a planet that is flat as in dark ages. I say that because if one is provided the info that is tailored with limitation it implies that breaking away is not something one would even comprehend! We are too used to trust our social functioning and think that we know everything, on top of all news provided to us by the honest practice of the broadcasting companies. We don’t want to be those conspiracy freaks with no trust to anything or anyone. But truth is, if you don’t want to pay high dollar for some expert articles on the topics that could give more than the free info, you are really up against a brick wall of the new unknown reality and a total incapacity to acquire the needed info of high quality without spending your whole life learning all the crap on the net and beyond in order to find finally what you need. So search is a tricky mother. If you are creative and sort of spontaneous you might somehow find your own style of fishing out the essentials. But in my case I often felt helpless and lost no longer willing to participate in this undertaking trying to document Gleitzeit. It doesn’t look like I had managed a short explanation. But this is my formula of finding something that is not available on the tailored to fit google search. I enter the variations of phrases and words from the gleitzeit context of emails, postings, essays and add some other words I find on my way of locating Paul Jaisini’s links. Turning the tag in a sort of a potion number nine that had proven to fetch some impossible to find info on such a quick inquiry without opening thousands of websites where I might find or might not find anything at all. And the most effective findings are with the tag "invisible" added to other things, be it email abbreviations and so on. “The other must be his wife”, I thought, because Paul called her with some pet name’s asking for a bottle of wine, for a book, or an ash tray. “Is she your wife? “ I asked just in case. Paul looked me in the eyes and said: “She is not my wife, nor the mother of my daughter, she is my secretary. “ The secretary I sensed didn’t like me much. She didn’t call Jaisini by his name, Paul, but she instead addressed him as mister Jaisini. She seemed obsequious and perhaps didn’t like me for my unrestrained manner and direct questions. She said to Paul: “You should not waste your time on this interview. You need to return to your work. “ Paul said: “It will be few minutes." and spent a few hours with me. A self-ruling man. Paul didn’t drink any wine but he behaved at times extravagantly, showing the outlines of the silhouettes in his paintings and explaining what was happening in the pictures. Paul said that the point of his art being hidden from the public is an intrigue that engages press in constant attempts to uncover the ‘truth’ behind it all. Nevertheless it is very disappointing, that people don’t care about real art, as they do about private affairs. We went upstairs and in a spacious hall I saw a large painting. I didn’t hide my awe. “Wow! Where did you get such a big piece of canvas? The art stores don’t sell this linen in such sizes. “ “It is stitched together from pieces," answered Paul. “How did you reach the upper parts of the painting" "I climbed the riser. Do you see the nude black man up there, tangled with a serpent?" "It reminds me of Laocoön. Is it intentional?" "No, he is a symbol of physical grace without intellect. Do you see a group of female bodies intertwined in a threesome?" "No, I don’t see it. Where is the threesome?" "To the left, look there." "I look there." "There the three figures, here is one, here is another one and the third one." "Third is not a female figure, it’s some animal." "It’s a female, but there is an animal, a bit higher up. The clown in the center tears his mouth in a bloody smile, carrying out his role of a fool, laughing when he wants to cry." "Is that a monkey?" "You got it, she is another symbol of the fate, she stopped hitting the tom-tom, her direct purpose in circus. When she stopped to play and started to think, she realized that her life is pitiful and she wants to kill herself. It’s a second symbol of the same meaning." "Tell me about that threesome again." "Well, they show the natural grace, as three graces would, the sensual concept of procreation." "This picture must be a depiction of a circus performance, I suppose. Is it ? Why it is so dynamic?" "It is a circus performance but is the personal trial of human character. The ball construction is an object: – Paulsen’s ball, it is also a title of the painting." "This ball creates some weight and it seems to move the composition with it’s size and position and it seems to be on a verge of rolling down." "You’re right! I also sense this immediate impulse to prevent the clown to fall off that ball. We went to other paintings, whole series of paintings. When I gathered all my sensations about the art that surrounded me, it was time to leave. Paul Jaisini escorted me to the door. I shook his hand saying: "You are an interesting man!" "I am not a man…" (the last sentence was a good ending) Have to type as I read PDF file that can’t be copied Have to type as I read PDF file that can’t be copied I am using magnifying glass to be able to read a a PDF file of very low quality. My eyes are hurting. What I have found is something that is just not available… I must say on the search for anything tagged “invisible” I find some pretty amazing stuff I would never know about (later on that) Now I am sitting in my office instead of having night out. It really is an impossible task to just discern the text. I filled up a spray bottle with cold water to spray my face to frequently refresh my eyes, as they get tired from the magnifying glass. It’s totally worth it, the thrill of discovery is my ultimate high. Subj: Re: any suggestions? Date: 2/5/00 Pacific Standard Time From: (B. Woodward) To: CC: Angela Ahermeign The attached file with original text before translation can be used in all related your project on Paul Jaisini. All my corrections are in () and sometimes they replace the words nearby, other times they get inserted or have comments as well. It should be clear. Angela, you had some trouble with colloquialisms, unclear constructions and misplaced verb tenses. You switched among various forms of the past with irregularity. I’ve brushed it up. It makes a good narrative, though. Very interesting 🙂 Original Message- From Angela A, Sent Thursday, February 03, 2000, 4: 25 PM to Subject Any suggestions My first meeting with Paul Jaisini in Rome (was it your first meeting with him, or just first time in Rome… unclear construction) Paul Jaisini’s appearance at the exhibition of his art made a lot of noise in 1995 in Rome. (caused a lot of noise, a lot of excitement, or was it just a noisy appearance?) After newspapers published the (a) photograph of Paul Jaisini in the empty gallery, I read the article and realized how lucky I was to be in Rome. Nobody saw Paul Jaisini’s paintings. Yes, nobody… This what happened next. I called him once, then (a) second time. (,b)But Paul didn’t return my calls. Unfortunately I was not able to stay on guards (stand guard is the appropriate colloquialism) to catch him by the art gallery being (as I was) preoccupied with my (own) business. So I decided that I have (needed, not have) to find a way to see Paul Jaisini’s (hidden) paintings if he hides them. Such extravagance has (had) to be stopped. I decided to offer him (no him here) to write a testament about (to) the existence of his art (, which would necessarily lead to him revealing it to me.) which will rise the necessity to see it. I heard about Paul Jaisini before (that time) because he is quite a (reverse the a and quite) well-known contemporary artist. When I set up the appointment to meet (him) I easily found his cozy two- story town-house surrounded by (an) antique iron fence. When I called (on) the intercom it took a while to explain who I was and why (I had come) did I come. Paul meet me at the gate. He looked younger than I (had) expected. Dressed casually. As a host he cordially offered me to dine. While we were entering (entered) the hall I had an urge to ask him, (“I) is it (this) a museum (?), trying to brake (break) anything, (no comma… as we passed) passing by sculptures, paintings, ceramic pieces (ceramics… drop the p word) and a lot of (other pieces of) art which I (had never seen before. drop rest of the sentence) was not able… Gosh, I can feel how B. Woodward was feeling… WILL SHE REALLY SEE THE PAINTINGS by PAUL JAISINI?????? my eyes are punishing me for this thrill. I need to stop looking into the magnifier when I am now writing a comment without looking into unreadable copy. Just waiting to get the courage to continue… my eyes need rest, I made myself some coffee with soy milk. But it surely means I want to prolong the suspense. I have no idea what is written in that text I located only god knows where or how. I think that a gamer guru would understand me after he/she played hardest strategic games for a very long time and turned into a savvy thrill seeker.

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