Bobo Touch Helpline | Defective Bathroom | Episode 1

Bobo Touch Helpline | Defective Bathroom | Episode 1

Bobo Touch get a call from a Hispanic family locked out of their bathroom by their teenage niece which unfolds to broken water pipes connected to major MTA lines.

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2019 Winter Film Awards
2019 Dumbo Film Festival

Shot by Vadim Aynbinder
AC: Sam Angus Campbell & Brandon Lang
Opening Title Design: Julie Verardi
Motion Graphics/Design: Jay Liquori
Colored by Jaime OBradovich
Sound Design/Mix by Sam Shaffer
Sound Recordist: Monica Rodriguez & Marcus DiLauro

Directed, Written & Edited by Bobo Touch
Music by Bobo Touch

Titi # 1… Yvette Caddy Lugi
Titi # 2… Maga Uzo
Hammer Girl… Laura Lee Bonz
Diego… Mike Strandberg
Tito… Vance Hammerton
Wayne… Joseph Imburgio
Niece… Becca Beberaggi
Intern… Adam Narimatsu
Detective Arthur Graves… Joe Tumminia

Special thanks to Justin Brannan, BenBay & Sunoco Gas Station.

Bobo Touch Helpline S1:E1
© 2018

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