Book Review For: His Conquest

Written by: Diana Crosby
Zebra Books
ISBN: 142010991X<
Avail: Print & eBook
5 Stars

Cosby crafts a sensual novel full of excitement, adventure, and love with “His Conquest.” Set in Scotland, 1297, the Scots are fighting for their freedom from the oppressive English King, Edward I. Lord Fulke Tearleach, has been given Breac Castle and holds the Scottish Lord, Seathan Grey in it’s dungeon. When Tearleach’s sister, Linet, frees the Scot, she sets herself and Seathan on a path full of danger and sizzling with heat.

The novel opens with Linet making a life changing decision. She chooses to go against her brother’s wishes to marry, and frees Fulke’s (her brother) hostage, Lord Seathan Grey from the dungeon, extracting Seathan’s promise to take her to the Highlands to be with her mother’s clan.

Seathan suspects her motives, but agrees since the alternative is death. Using secret passageways, Linet escorts Seathan out of the castle, but the path is fraught with danger as her brother’s knights search the keep. Linet also has another problem – her overwhelming attraction to Seathan.

Seathan is grateful for Linet’s actions and he soon finds himself giving her a certain amount of trust. He’s stimulated by the brave noblemen, wanting to explore what is growing between them. After evading Tearleach’s men and hiding in a cave. Seathan’s brothers find him and escort the couple back to Lochshire Castle, Seathan’s home.

Seathan is torn between duty and Linet, wanting to claim the Englishwoman for his own. However, when he discovers Linet’s secret – that she’s Tearleach’s sister, his trust is shattered. Can Seathan find it in his heart to forgive Linet, or will he push her away and deny the smoldering desire he has for her?

Cosby’s novel starts off with an action packed opening that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Along with a forbidden kiss, she creates a pulse-pounding romance, finding just the right mix of plot and character driven storytelling.

The descriptions use a great economy of words to paint 1297 Scotland and the dialogue adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story.

Both Seathan and Linet are compelling characters. Linet is loyal to the bone and embodies a true noblewoman with her courage and steadfast belief in her heart. Seathan doubts the power of love, not trusting it, but with Linet, he dares to believe.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers. The love scenes are hot, sexy, and seductive, embodying the passion the couple has discovered. “His Conquest” is a delicious romp to another time and place and will have the reader believing in the power of love. I simply did not want to put it down.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

Source by Steph Burkhart

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