Book Review for: “Western Saga Anthology”

Written by: Cheryl Pierson, Celia Yeary, Karen Michelle Nutt, Cindy Carrier
Publisher: Victory Tales Press
ISBN: 1463501382
Avail in: Print and eBook
4 Stars

Set in the American West, “A Western Saga Anthology” focuses on the McTavish family as they venture to settle and tame the unknown. A rousing set of character driven short stories promises to have the reader turning the page.

“Every Girl’s Dream,” by Cheryl Pierson finds the heroine, Sheena McTavish in dire straights. Abandoned by her parents when they discover she’s pregnant, Sheena travels west to have her baby with a distant aunt and uncle. Sheena’s stagecoach is attacked and Sheena fears for her life. Enter U.S. Army Scout Callen Chandler who saves her by claiming Sheena is his wife. Sheena is grateful, but can she find true happiness in Cal’s arms?

Celia Yeary writes “Along Came Will.” William Montgomery is passing through Trinity Hill, Texas when a bunch of hooligans attack him. Will is hurt and found by the local schoolteacher, Kathryn McTavish. She takes him to the doctor to treats his injuries. Will finds himself lingering, attracted to Kathryn. Soon, he’ll have to make a decision – move on or stay. Will he listen to his heart or follow the call of the west?

Karen Michelle Nutt pens “Storm Riders,” a western story with steampunk elements. Samantha and Denny ride the storms using their talents to keep the timeline secure. Assigned to save Ace McTavish, Samantha finds herself attracted to the handsome man, despite knowing they can never be a couple because they come from two different time periods. Will love find a way to overcome time?

“Safe Hands,” is written by Cindy Carrier. Elisabeth McTavish Franklin is a widow who saves a young man, Lane McBride. Will Lane help Elisabeth learn to trust again or will he be caught in a web of lies?

Pierson’s story, “Every Girl’s Dream,” tugs on the reader’s heartstrings. Sheena and Callen’s sudden, yet powerful attraction forces them to look deep into their hearts to test if what they feel is real. The plot keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. “Every Girl’s Dream” proves dreams do come true in the most unexpected ways. An endearing read.

“Along Came Will” shines with intrigue and is full of sweet romance. Will is a true gentleman, but his attraction to Kathryn forces him to look at his life and make some tough choices. Yeary captures the rich authenticity of the west with ease. “Along Came Will” is a heartwarming story.

Nutt’s story, “Storm Riders” brims with creativity and imagination. Full of action and adventure, Nutt doesn’t run short on the romance either. The chemistry between Ace and Samantha is combustible, but will time keep them apart? “Storm Riders” is a page turner.

“Safe Hands” by Cindy Carrier is a somber, yet character driven tale which focuses not on romantic love, but on a broader love that encompasses respect and trust for humanity. The story’s flow and pacing is a bit disconcerting at times due to the present tense narration, but the suspense builds nicely and the end resolves the story to the reader’s satisfaction.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the western romance genre, “A Western Saga Anthology” offers a nice variety of stories that will leave the reader believing that the power of love was the reason in which men conquered the wild and rich expense of the American West.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

Source by Steph Burkhart

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