Boyfriend Cheating? “Borrow” His Cell Phone and Find Out the Truth

Here’s a very easy way to reveal once and for all whether your boyfriend is potentially cheating on you.

Check this out girls:

1.First you want to “borrow” his cell phone. Your battery is low or you ran out of minutes, or you can come up with something else that would work. You just need to borrow his phone and make a call to one of your girlfriends.

2. Try to “borrow” his phone in private. That is, give yourself a few minutes to yourself with his phone. You can go to the bathroom, or step outside for a few moments.

3. Get to work! Now, if you are familiar with his phone you can get to work right away. If you are not familiar with the particulars of his phone, you may have to break this into two steps. The first step is figuring out how to get to certain functions on the phone. Then you can return the phone and tell him you need to call her back in a bit. This will allow you two separate time frames so as not to look suspicious.

4. Find Numbers. Make sure you have a pen and paper with you. You want to first go to the contacts list and find any numbers that look questionable. The numbers likely be labeled with abbreviations or code words like “69” as opposed to obvious names like “Roxanne”. Write down the numbers. Next go to the call history and jot down numbers which have been sent, received or texted. Look for patterns in calls.

5. Look the Numbers Up. Now, what you DON’T want to do is call these numbers yourself, nor should you have anyone else call the numbers. This would be way too suspicious and potentially embarrassing. What you want to do is go online and visit a “reverse phone number website”. From here you can sign up and type the numbers right into the number box. Within minutes you will receive discreet results of who these numbers belong to.

WARNING: You may be very surprised, and shocked, at the results. Girlfriends have uncovered “secret” cell phone numbers that ended up belonging to their good friends! As a result their boyfriend becomes “busted big time” for cheating on them. Whatever the case you will have the answers you need and all it takes is looking up a few mysterious numbers on a reverse phone website to uncover the truth.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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