Boys and Girls - Episode 19 - "Laughter and Tears"

Boys and Girls – Episode 19 – “Laughter and Tears”


Timid Girl returns to Stud Boy’s apartment, but has he changed at all? And what will Runner Boy think when he finds out?

With her new found confidence from DIVA, Timid Girl returns to Stud Boys apartment. Again, she insists he uses protection and offers him the pack she got from DIVA. Stud Boy becomes angry about this and gets back at her. He takes a photo of her, half naked and with a condom in her hand, with his camera phone and uploads it onto his blog In a while, everybody receives the photos on his/her screen or mobile phone… including Runner Boy!
Music Boy is playing with the band: he has clearly changed, both in his appearance and attitude. For a while, looking at a guitar, he remembers how he was used to be, but then he goes up the stage and restarts playing.
Another man catches his groupies’ attention. He gets jealous and he causes a fight in the pub.
After leaving Stud Boy’s house distraught, Timid Girl receives a call from DIVA; what does she want?

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