Break Up Advice For Men – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Break Up Advice For Men – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Break Up Advice For Men – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

It seems that everyone has their own piece of break up advice for men who are still in love with their girlfriends. Some people will tell you that you need to find another girlfriend right away to make your ex one jealous. Others swear by the idea of writing her a long, thoughtful note explaining how much you really do love her and how you’ll change in any way she wants. The problem is knowing what advice really does work and what advice will only make things with your ex girlfriend worse. In order to get your ex girlfriend back you have to be committed to doing just a few simple things.

The best piece of break up advice for men who want their exes back is to control your emotions. As much as women say they love sensitive men who aren’t afraid to show their feelings, they don’t want a man who is crying and desperate. If you call your ex begging her to come back or you hysterically tell her that you can’t live without her you are hurting your chances of ever getting that woman to take you back. She won’t see your actions as touching. In fact, she’ll think you are desperate and emotionally unstable. If you feel the need to do any of these things, lock yourself in a room without a phone until the urge passes.

Apologizing for anything you did that contributed to the split is another great piece of break up advice for men. Even if she was the one who solely decided things were over, you need to take responsibility for anything you might have done that led her to do it. Don’t send flowers or gifts as a way of saying sorry. That’s going to look like a bribe to her. Instead call her and calmly say you’re sorry. Don’t go into long details about why you did what you did, just apologize. Then wish her well. She’ll be impressed that you are mature enough to recognize your weaknesses.

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