Broadening Participation in Computing State Summit Toolkit

Broadening Participation in Computing State Summit Toolkit

Broadening Participation in Computing State Summit Toolkit

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Building a strong leadership team and a cohesive strategic plan to drive computer science education policy and broaden participation in computing can be overwhelming. What stakeholders, decision makers, and change agents need to be engaged? What does the landscape of K-16 computer science education currently look like in your state? 
Two NSF-funded Broadening Participation in Computing Alliances, Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance and the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), created the State Summit Toolkit to help leadership teams coordinate computer science education policy reform and advocacy efforts.
Access more resources from ECEP and NCWIT and download the free Summit Toolkit to start coordinating your state computer science education advocacy efforts.
ECEP is an NSF funded Broadening Participation in computing Alliance of 22 states and the territory of Puerto Rico. ECEP is designed to address state-level computing education reform efforts, help states develop leadership teams and build strategic plans to increase the number and diversity of students in computer science. The ultimate goal is to launch sustainable computing education efforts by engaging stakeholders, understand the local K-16 education context, and bring together broad-based groups that can lead state-level reform.
NCWIT is a non-profit community of more than 1,100 universities, companies, non-profits, and government organizations nationwide working to increase girls’ and women’s meaningful participation in computing. NCWIT equips change leaders with resources for taking action in recruiting, retaining, and advancing women from K–12 and higher education through industry and entrepreneurial careers.

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