Build Your Own Website Easily

Build Your Own Website Easily

Build Your Own Website Easily

You can build your own website through several ways. Creating text and word documents for web pages are the fundamental aspects needed in building your own website. You also need to learn the basic HTML tags, insert HTML tags and get electronic images, videos and pictures. You will also need to know how you can view and edit your own page.

Learning how to make use of the basic html tags is important when you want to build your own website. Formatting tags would need to be inserted in your document, these tags would allow the web browser {who is using internet explorer for example} how you have arranged your words, texts, and pictures on the screen. The Hypertext markup language or HTML is used to define the arrangement of formatting text that rearranges the content of a web page- It is very necessary to learn this when you want to build your own website.

Some of the popular HTML tags needed in the building of your website will include; html, head, title title of page /title, text of page body and so on. Each formatting tag will always appear between the signs and just to arrange each text according to its sizes. The tags will normally appear in pairs in which the second tag in the pair will begin with a slash.

Some of the basic formatting tags in HTML needed in building the content of your website include

<br /> &lt;h1&gt;&lt;/h1&gt;<br /> which represents the header level 1 which is the largest size type for a header in a text, it is often used at the beginning of a web page and when you want to start a new section. Smaller and subsequent headers are represented in h2, h3, h4 and so on. The Bold face text is usually represented as b and it’s used to make sentences of words bold. The center or /center tag is used in the creation of centered texts.

The paragraph return tag p is used to insert extra line spaces between paragraphs, while the i tag represent the Italics text. The line break which represents no extra spaces is represented with the br tag. The horizontal rule-which is a line running from one end of a page to the other and which separate the texts from each section is represented with the hr tag.

These are some of the tags you will need to learn to use when you want to build your own website. They are easy to use, the more you learn them, the better and greater your website look.

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