Cant spell Bassett without Bats

Cant spell Bassett without Bats

Maybe I’m the one who is a schizophrenic pyscho…lol. Puddle of mudd. Great into song for the one time close friend of Lisa Bassett to whom the song refers. That and of course, sour girl.. This little video compilation is primarily about Lisa Bsssett for whom you cant spell without Bats. This has some good formations in a pit I like and has a mess of bats just following their call to nature. I think so did Lisa. Which is why sometimes I cant tell the difference between bats and her. Anyway. One song in this video is a song by a group i wish never broke up.Fuel. They are so great. Anyway.. This was a way for me to delete all pictures and videos I had . Its not a bad is kind of a tribute but on the other hand no it isnt. . She was a happy girl and she was a SOUR GIRL

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