Car Owner – Horizont Crause RS3

Car Owner – Horizont Crause RS3

Car Owner – Horizont Crause RS3

Have you ever dreamed to be owner of expensive elegant prestige car?
SHOW DATE: July, Friday 30 at 12 PM SL
Horizont Company™ – the creation of high-quality cars (Horizont motorsport), creating animated weapons (Horizont – Anguard ), various avatars and accessories.
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His car HORIZONT CRAUSE RS3 PORSCHE is a high-performance version with max speed 310 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h per 3.4 sec and 6-speed manual transmission.
The car has a successful racing career in national and regional Porsche Carrera Cup and the Porsche International Super Cup supporting the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship.
The car has the front fenders now have grilles above the wheels, while the rear fenders now have turbo air intakes rather than air intakes under the rear wing. The roof is made of magnesium. The interior includes bucket carbon fiber seats, carbon fiber inserts, lightweight door handles and a club sports package as standard switch, driver’s six-point seat belt and fire extinguisher with mounting bracket. The car was nominated by Autocar as one of the UK’s Best Driving Cars 2014.

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