chitral 10 phtos with caption insdie story below

chitral 10 phtos with caption insdie story below

chitral 10 phtos with caption insdie story below

40 Girls Students including two teachers affected (unconscious) due to
food poison.

CHITRAL: AS well as 40 girls students of Jamia Mohsinat ( A religious
school) at Chitral town including one male teacher and director of
the school (Mohtamim) badly affected and victimized by Gastroenteritis
due to food poison. According to Medical Superintendent of District
Headquarters hospital Chitral Dr. Nazir Ahmad and Casualty Medical
Officer Dr. Nisar some 40 female student’s one female instructor and
one male teacher (Mohtamim/Diretor) of Jamiatul Mohsinat for girls
Chitral were rushed to DHQ hospital early in the morning on Sunday.
They said that one Dr. Saifur Rehman who settled in America and his
brother in law had arranged feast dinner in honor of students of
Religious School near polo ground Chitral. The dinner was consisting
on meat, rice, pulses and bread. When they eaten the dinner they felt
pain and started vomiting with lose motion. They were rushed to DHQ
hospital early in the morning where MS of the hospital declared
emergency and all doctors were called to the hospital hence they
recovered after continue struggle of hospital staff. Khaleeq Ahamad
Khan Mohtamim of Madrasa told this scribe that this was the first
chance that our students badly affected by food poison. He said
Muhammad Ismaiel who living in our neighborhood had sent feast food
for girls students when they eat it they all including me badly
affected. He told that Ismail had purchased meat from a Afghan refugee
who working here as batcher. Hospital authority said that the
incidence occurred might of expire or unhygienic meat. In this
connection when contacted Nisar Khan station Head Officer (SHO)
police station Chitral he said that police has gone on the spot and
taken in posses remaining food items which were handed over to
hospital authority for laboratory test and on arrival of its medical
report case would be registered in police station Chitral.

House gutted goods worth of million rupees converted in ashes.

CHITRAL: House of Akbar Wali son of Muhammad Ayub who is serving as
wireless operator in Chitral police was gutted during midnight of
Saturday and Sunday. As a result 9 rooms including bathroom and stores
were totally burnt and ceiling of the house completely collapsed down.
Akbar Wali said that his house worth some 3 million ruppes were
completely gutted and all goods inside the house were burnt and
converted in ashes. He said that might some body had put fire on my
house but Chitral police denied his claim and termed result of short
circuit. Abdul Nasir President Legal Aid Forum for Human rights
Chitral visited the burnt house and comfort the affected people he
appeal federal and provincial government for compensation of affected
person because he has nothing for reconstruction of his house. He also
demanded from the district administration and district disaster
management authority for providing him tent and essential goods.
Meanwhile president human rights also expressed his great concern over
that organizations working to control and overcome on such disaster
badly failed in this case as well as fire brigade could not reached
here due to no path in the area.

Dead body of avalanche recovered after two months.

Dead body of Muhammad Din resident of Shangal Bagh Dir who had died
under avalanche on February 15 including 6 other persons. His dead
body was recovered on Sunday and was rushed to his native town where
he was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard. Social and political
circle of Chitral have appeal the government and philanthropists for
compensation and financial support of bereaved family
G.H. Farooqi PO Box No. 50 GPO Chitral Pakistan phone NO. 03025989602,
0943-302295, 414418

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